With the vast majority of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, with little to no emergency savings, EVERFI and our partners knew we had to take action. Agreeing that basic financial literacy was not enough to improve our nation’s economic opportunity imbalance, we’ve focused efforts on stretching those foundational skills to build empowered and financially capable communities.

Committed to Capability

Inspired by the idea of changing how financial education is used and delivered, we created the Financial Capability Network (FCN) to help our partners shift away from passive approaches to more proactive programs that result in behavior change.

Learn more about our areas of impact and find out how the FCN coalition of over 900 financial institutions is using the Network to advance their education initiatives and build strong and financially capable communities.

Areas of Impact

Network Benefits
  • Tools to Combat Your Biggest Challenges

    We have built a cutting-edge financial capability platform with content serving customers and communities both great and small.

  • Thought Leadership

    Some of the strongest minds in the industry, such as Jerry Plush, Steve Bartlett and Kurt Schindler bring their regulator and financial education expertise to you.

  • Network & Best Practice Sharing

    Connect and share with institutions of all asset sizes to cultivate new ideas and approaches around financial capability, CRA and regulatory issues.

  • Hyperfocus on Regulatory Issues

    The FCN brings together institutions who care about regulatory issues and experts who drive forward new paradigms in financial capability.

  • Best-in-Class Reporting Infrastructure

    Be a champion in your organization. Report to regulators more effectively and elevate the importance of the critical work CRA officers do to improve financial capability.

Improve the livelihoods of customers and communities across the country