The Financial Capability Network (FCN) is focused on bringing investment, human capital, best practices and technology to combat some of the biggest challenges facing financial institutions today. We believe that on the other side of every great challenge lies immense opportunity, and as such, we have identified the four ways FCN can provide maximum impact by helping banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions overcome critical customer engagement issues.

Areas of Impact
  • Building Community Reputation

    Consumers don’t have the knowledge or feel they don’t have the confidence to engage effectively with their bank, leading not just to confusion, but to mistrust.

  • Focusing on the Whole Family

    Young people develop many of their financial habits from their parents, but banks too often engage only with the heads of household, missing opportunities to develop meaningful banking relationships with the next generation.

  • Amplifying Impact with Technology

    As consumers of all types conduct more of their business from their mobile devices, they are turning to non-bank service providers when their financial institutions don’t provide the technology they need.

  • Putting the Consumer First

    Expectations have evolved and consumers expect more than ever from each interaction with their bank.

Let's Go

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