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"By leveraging Impact-as-a-Service solutions, EverFi offers turnkey, data-driven, and scalable programs that can help address some of society’s most intractable problems."


"Arizona State Sophomore George Montano began his scholarship search after taking an online personal finance course as a high school sophomore."


"We know financial health and wellness become increasingly important when a lot of people are losing jobs and feeling financially strapped."


"Everfi offers courses on financial literacy aimed at children in grades 4 through 12 to public schools at no charge."


“It taught me how to budget and save. It’s crucial to adulthood.”

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"In response to the rising number of people with mental health issues throughout the country, EverFi has joined forces with information technology company Leidos to create a virtual mental health counseling program called Mental Wellness Basics." 


"The course will introduce students to important historical events and leaders, focusing on the leadership, strength, intellect, and creativity of the women and men who shaped African American History."

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"For those students who will remain learning in a virtual environment, there are also a variety of emotions likely at play, acknowledges Erin McClintock, M.Ed., head of impact for social and emotional learning at education technology company EVERFI."


"Customer attitudes and expectations have shifted; inclusion, safety and wellness are student priorities and may eclipse formerly predictive metrics such as ranking, location and athletic programs."


"We power the education programs in almost 35,000 public schools across the country, some of the toughest highest poverty areas in the country with the most opportunity."


"Education tech company is creating courses to teach students about the tough issues." 

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"Since the pandemic, sports stars have done wonders for their brands when they’ve spoken passionately to fans from their own living rooms."


"Over time, Everfi has amassed more than 3,000 “strategic” partners, from LinkedIn to the NFL. Many of them plan to help finance the latest push for new, K-12 curriculum." 


"The mental and emotional health of students is becoming just as important during COVID-19 as their academic development."


"Creating and maintaining an outstanding culture is no easy feat. That’s why when businesses authentically discuss the culture they’re working to build, we pay attention."


"Citadel, one of the largest hedge funds in the world and trading firm Citadel Securities, and EVERFI, an international technology company driving social change through education, joined forces to give NYC students financial training online for free."


"Toxic workplace cultures are pervasive and it is critically important that organizations address workplace toxicity, as failing to do so can have far-reaching impacts for an organization."


"EVERFI CEO Tom Davidson speaks with Bloomberg Radio's David Westin about EVERFI's $100 million commitment to social injustice and economic inequality."


"On the second day of the virtual Campus Prevention Network Summit, hosted by EVERFI, conversations focused on diversity, equity and inclusion on campuses as well as the mental health of Black women students."


"EVERFI's ‘AlcoholEdu for College’ course, which first debuted in 2000, has been taken by more than 10 million students, including more than 1/3 of all college first-year students who now take it each fall as a requirement for matriculation."

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Helping children understand the importance of sustainability is critically important. Towards the future, Beyond Meat has collaborated with EVERFI, a leading digital education innovator, to create a free science-based course on sustainability.


"At the outset of the COVID-19 crisis, parents were advised to talk to their children in age-appropriate ways about what the coronavirus is and why we need to stay home for a little while to keep our loved ones safe."


"EVERFI, an education technology company whose mission is to help students learn life skills beyond the classroom, has joined forces with six sports leagues to launch the EduCup Challenge."


"Character Playbook is an amazing program and it fits into what I believe is so important as we work with our younger generations."


"For years, NFL Hall of Famer and Beyond Sport Ambassador, Brian Dawkins' unmatched blend of passion and motivation has been an inspiration to many in and out of the game."


"Social impact technology innovator EVERFI built a flexible technology solution capable of rolling out large-scale education programs."


"Along with designing modules customized for each team in each league and managing the platform, EVERFI uses its reputation as a credible online education provider to ensure participation by local schools."


"Citadel and Citadel Securities teamed up with digital education platform EVERFI to create a course called MarketWorks."


"Education is a powerful form of empowerment and community building. Teaching a more inclusive understanding of U.S. history in both middle schools and high schools can motivate tomorrow’s leaders to take action today."


"Americans spend more waking hours at work, on average, than we do anywhere else. The positive and negative aspects of our lives come to work with us, and our experiences at work impact our overall quality of life."

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"One of the companies quickly growing in prominence and importance amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is Washington, District of Columbia-based education technology outfit Everfi."


"Kids are growing up today as the first generation to grow up with the entire information of the world in their pocket."


"EVERFI is equipping Chicago schools with an unusual partner in teaching kids science and math concepts: professional hockey."


"Leaders must assure employees through words and actions that their reports will be taken seriously and that they will be supported for stepping forward to preserve culture."


"Schools that teach character education report higher academic performance, improved attendance, reduced violence, fewer disciplinary issues, a reduction in substance abuse, and less vandalism. "


"The digital tools created by EVERFI for the program provide a curriculum to schools that can be used to teach students about life after high school."


"Everyone from the NHL and MassMutual runs one million-plus kid programs in the country where they are certifying kids in really critical skills."


"When AIG Retirement Services and EVERFI conducted a research study surveying 30,000 college students, only 35 percent of respondents reported ever having taken a personal finance course. Worse: 47 percent felt unprepared to manage their money."


"We consider ourselves the operating system for social good for some of the biggest brands in the world. "


"Along with designing modules customized for each team in each league and managing the platform, EVERFI uses its reputation as a credible online education provider to ensure participation by local schools."


"We're really trying to equip the private sector to be a bigger, broader part of their community."


"Providing public schools with financial web-based resources allows teachers to cater to many different learning styles and tracks student progress along the way."