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"Education is a powerful form of empowerment and community building. Teaching a more inclusive understanding of U.S. history in both middle schools and high schools can motivate tomorrow’s leaders to take action today."

"Character Playbook is an amazing program and it fits into what I believe is so important as we work with our younger generations."

"Everyone from the NHL and MassMutual runs one million-plus kid programs in the country where they are certifying kids in really critical skills."

"Kids are growing up today as the first generation to grow up with the entire information of the world in their pocket."

"Along with designing modules customized for each team in each league and managing the platform, EVERFI uses its reputation as a credible online education provider to ensure participation by local schools."

"We consider ourselves the operating system for social good for some of the biggest brands in the world. "

"Leaders must assure employees through words and actions that their reports will be taken seriously and that they will be supported for stepping forward to preserve culture."

"One of the company’s missions is to bring creative storytelling to subjects that might otherwise seem dry, difficult or hard to deal with — including financial literacy, bullying prevention and a deeper look at African-American history."

"We're really trying to equip the private sector to be a bigger, broader part of their community."

"Americans spend more waking hours at work, on average, than we do anywhere else. The positive and negative aspects of our lives come to work with us, and our experiences at work impact our overall quality of life."

"Schools that teach character education report higher academic performance, improved attendance, reduced violence, fewer disciplinary issues, a reduction in substance abuse, and less vandalism. "

"When AIG Retirement Services and EVERFI conducted a research study surveying 30,000 college students, only 35 percent of respondents reported ever having taken a personal finance course. Worse: 47 percent felt unprepared to manage their money."

"EVERFI is equipping Chicago schools with an unusual partner in teaching kids science and math concepts: professional hockey."

"Creating and maintaining an outstanding culture is no easy feat. That’s why when businesses authentically discuss the culture they’re working to build, we pay attention."

"The digital tools created by EVERFI for the program provide a curriculum to schools that can be used to teach students about life after high school."

"Toxic workplace cultures are pervasive and it is critically important that organizations address workplace toxicity, as failing to do so can have far-reaching impacts for an organization."

"Providing public schools with financial web-based resources allows teachers to cater to many different learning styles and tracks student progress along the way."

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