The Digital Wellness Network is a public-private coalition of corporations, nonprofits, and educators committed to mitigating the negative impact of unhealthy technology use by empowering students to make safe and healthy decisions about technology. Join the digital wellness and health movement with EVERFI.

Educating Digital Natives

Equipping Students with Critical Skills

While the internet enables teenagers to connect with one another, find commonalities, and be creative, teens are spending an average 8.5 hours in front of a screen per day– more time than they spend at school or asleep. 68% of teens agree that social media has a negative impact on themselves and their peers.

It is critical to provide students with the opportunity to practice being part of a positive online community, explore how their digital footprint impacts their safety and privacy, and understand responsible screen time practices.

Our Focus

Population-Level Digital Wellness and Online Safety Education

The Digital Wellness Network is committed to empowering youth with the ”rules of the road” that will help them remain respectful and balanced as they utilize technology. The Network supports and funds the activation of EVERFI’s digital wellness and online safety course, Ignition. The course demonstrates to students the benefits of a digital community and resources while teaching learners to successfully navigate challenges inherent in the digital space.

Ignition is aligned to the International Society for Technology in Education Student Standards and Common Core State Standards.

Essential learnings from Ignition include:

  • Respectful of Others

    Respectful engagement in online community platforms

  • Digital Privacy

    Understanding the steps to keep personal information private online

  • Content Evaluation

    Evaluating content for accuracy and bias

  • Monitoring Screen Use

    Identifying methods to create a healthy balance between online and offline time

Empower students today to make safe and healthy decisions about technology.

The Network Membership

Partnership Benefits
  • Population-level Education

    Provides middle school students with the knowledge and skills they need to practice online safety, find balance between online and offline time, and seek help from adults when needed.

  • Scalable Programming

    Digital learning implemented in communities selected by your organization and driven by EVERFI’s team of 150 former educators in classrooms across the country.

  • Research & Impact Reporting

    White papers, blogs, and annual reports that highlight your program’s impact and provide real-time insights into student attitudes and behaviors.

  • Marketing & Communication

    A multi-channel marketing plan supported by EVERFI that showcases your investment in digital wellness education.