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EVERFI’s free online resources help elementary, middle and high school teachers equip their students with essential life skills.

Our digital education platform is a hub for educators looking to teach financial education, STEM exploration, social-emotional learning, wellness, and career preparedness.

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Financial Capability

Vault – Understanding Money 
(Grades: 4-6)

Students dive into a virtual world to learn the ins-and-outs of financial foundations. Can you help a friend from outer space learn the difference between needs and wants?

(Grades: 6-8)
FutureSmart students act as mayor of their town, helping citizens solve the financial problems life throws their way. Should they remodel their bedroom or save for a rainy day?

EVERFI Financial Literacy™
(Grades: 9-12)
Before students start working, applying for financial aid, establishing credit, and becoming real adults, equip them with the tools needed to manage their personal finances.

STEM Exploration

Future Goals – Hockey Scholar
(Grades: 5-8)
“When am I ever going to use this?” Twelve digital labs help you tap into the world of sports to make math and science concepts relatable.

Ignition – Digital LiteracyTM
(Grades: 6-8)
Technology changes rapidly. Give your students the tools they need to keep up with technology and stay safe online.

Endeavor – STEM Career ExplorationTM
(Grades: 6-9)
Have you wondered who designed the algorithm behind the next song suggestion on your playlist? Inspire students to explore individual interests within high-demand STEM careers with Endeavor.

Health & Wellness

Character Playbook
(Grades: 7-9)
It can be difficult to read body language and facial expressions, and even harder to interpret a text message. Character Playbook gives students practical applications for developing social and emotional skills.

AlcoholEdu® for High School
(Grades: 9-12)
Between peer pressure and advertising, students in high school often form misconceptions around teenage alcohol use. Help students analyze these influences and examine the effects that alcohol has on their brain and body.

Prescription Drug Safety
(Grades: 9-12)
As addiction devastates communities across the country, preventative education matters now more than ever. This evidence-based course empowers students to make healthy decisions.
Healthier Me – Elementary School
(Grades: 1-4)
Even at a young age, students form nutrition and fitness-related habits that will last a lifetime. Help them learn how to make healthy choices through this fun, game-based course.

Healthier Me – Middle School
(Grades: 6-8)
In this interactive, activity-based course, students learn how to make the right choices when it comes to food.

Summer Learning

Summer Slugger

(Grades: 4-5)

School may be out, but learning doesn’t stop in the summer. Summer Slugger’s baseball-themed math and literacy lessons keep your students learning so that they (and you) can hit the ground running come fall.

Cultural & Civic Literacy

Commons – Digital Town Square
(Grades: 8-10)
Students may be too young to vote, but they still represent a powerful voice in America. Equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to participate in civic life.

306 – African-American History™
(Grades: 9-12)
Inform and Inspire your students by teaching them about the grit, strength, creativity, and intellect of African American men and women through thought-provoking stories and themes.

College & Career Readiness

NFTE Venture
Entrepreneurial Expedition™

(Grades: 7-10)
Students start their own food truck business, and learn to write a business plan, hire a team, hone their pitch, and balance a budget in the process. Tacos anyone?

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African-American History
with Allan Houston

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