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We take pride in the courses we build and the support we provide teachers.

With many former teachers on our team, we know that education technology can support instruction on the topics that make a difference in students’ lives.

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Financial Education

Vault Understanding Money 
(Grades: 4-6)

The best way to prepare young students to spend their allowance wisely is by having them take Vault. At least they’ll think twice before purchasing that next “want”.

(Grades: 6-8)
Who needs a budget anyway? Turns out everyone. That’s just one more thing your students will know how to do after taking this course.

EVERFI Financial Literacy™
(Grades: 9-12)
Before your students start working, applying for financial aid, establishing credit, becoming adults, get them the tools they need to manage their personal finances.

STEM Readiness

Future Goals – Hockey Scholar
(Grades: 5-8)
There’s no reason math and science should be unrelatable. Bring these subjects to life with some real-world, application based lessons.

Ignition – Digital LiteracyTM
(Grades: 6-8)
Technology changes rapidly. Give your students the tools they need to keep up with technology and stay safe online.

Radius – STEM Career ReadinessTM
(Grades: 8-10)
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to share this fun, agent-themed Math course with your students. Get them ready for a STEM future.

Endeavor – STEM Career ExplorationTM
(Grades: 6-9)
What career opportunities await your students after High School? Explore potential pathways and pique student curiosity in STEM.

Health & Wellness

Healthy Relationships
(Grades: 7-9)
Equip your students with the skills they need to be kind, communicative and respectful to adults.

AlcoholEdu® for High School
(Grades: 9-12)
The brain, body and relationships – Underage alcohol consumption can affect all of these things.  Reduce the consequences associated with underage drinking by having your students take this course.

Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention
(Grades: 9-12)
Help your students keep themselves and their peers safe by educating them on the science and risks associated with abusing prescription drugs.

Summer Learning

Summer Slugger

(Grades: 4-5)
On the surface it’s a game, but underneath it’s a powerful tool that keeps students
practicing essential Math and Literacy skills throughout the summer.

Diversity & Inclusion

Commons – Digital Town Square
(Grades: 8-10)
If civic engagement is truly coming back in style, then Commons is a great toolkit for creating the most engaged and knowledgeable citizens possible.

306 – African-American History™
(Grades: 9-12)
Inform and Inspire your students by teaching them about the grit, strength, creativity, and intellect of African American men and women through thought-provoking stories and themes.

Career Leadership & Success

NFTE Venture
Entrepreneurial Expedition

(Grades: 7-10)
What better way is there to learn about entrepreneurialism than by building
a food truck business? Based on the incredible taco, sushi, and
salad trucks we’ve seen over the years, we think the answer is “none.”

Certified Teacher Program

EVERFI & Bloomboard Offer Micro-Credentials in Financial Education and STEM

With this self-guided curriculum consisting of tutorials and hands-on work, educators can earn a micro-credential in Financial Education or STEM instruction and become education technology leaders in their school and district.

I use EVERFI resources because they put real life scenarios in an educational context. My students can learn at their own pace, and are fully engaged in the program. The units I teach about digital citizenship and financial literacy are enhanced by the EVERFI modules and I can monitor all their progress with a few mouse clicks. EVERFI has made implementing a 21st curriculum into my classroom a lot easier, and I appreciate that most of all.

Eileen Lennon
Certified EVERFI Teacher
Nathaniel Hawthorne Middle School 74, NYC

Blog Posts

Our team is out in the community working with schools and local organizations every day.

Get inspired by the real-life impact our courses have on students.  Hear from other educators as they share the positive results of bringing digital resources into the classroom.
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INNOVATE – Summer 2017: New Resources Announced, and STEM Micro-credential Launching this Fall

Want a sneak peek at new K-12 courses that address prescription drug abuse, STEM career exploration, and nutrition & fitness? How about details on our first STEM Certified Teacher Program cohort launching this fall? Or perhaps you’d like a head start on creating your classes before school starts. Click below for all that and more […]

Three Students Win Big With the BB&T Financial Foundations Blog Contest

When the annual Spring BB&T Financial Foundations blog contest came around, Cecilia Kellar, a Personal Finance teacher at Odessa High, enthusiastically encouraged her students to participate. Cecilia uses the BB&T Financial Foundations digital course as a supplemental tool for her in-class curriculum. “The blog contest gives students the opportunity to voice how [the program] has […]

Vault Brings Learning Up a Notch

Today we’re featuring a guest post from elementary student Natalie who earned her Vault – Understanding Money certification this spring. Natalie shares how the Vault program started out as just an assignment, but quickly became a valuable learning experience for her future. Congrats to Natalie for being one of our scholarship recipients! Student: Natalie Teacher: Ms. Caterina School: Mammoth Heights Elementary […]

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