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Frequently Asked Questions

No catch! EVERFI secures community partners to sponsor K-12 schools. These partners fully fund all the courses & resources available via the EVERFI platform so they’re always free for schools.

EVERFI adheres to ESSA requirements for providing evidence of efficacy for our products. Our entire suite of K-12 courses have met ESSA Tier 4 Rationale for Efficacy and have also earned the Digital Promise Certificate for Research-Based Product Design. For more evidence, see EVERFI Research Website for the most recent body of research.

Your school has unlimited student & teacher licenses.

Teachers have a Gradebook on their EVERFI account. From here, they can monitor student pre- and post-assessment scores, along with timestamps, and read student responses to short-answer questions.

Yes! EVERFI courses are created with state standards in mind. You can reach out to your Implementation Specialist to see what is aligned to your standards and hear how other teachers in your area are implementing resources. Find your Implementation Specialist’s email address by logging in to your EVERFI account and clicking Help.

Each student can self-register to create their account. However, if you’d like to create an account for each student you can upload a spreadsheet with usernames & passwords under the Students tab. If a district is using Clever or ClassLink to log into EVERFI, student accounts do NOT need to be created. Teachers should log in via their SSO (Clever or ClassLink) and create their classes using the "create class" button.  Once classes are created, students will login via the SSO (Clever or ClassLink) and will automatically be enrolled into the teacher's class according to the district roster.

The ISTE Seal (formerly known as the Seal of Alignment), showcases products that have been tested for quality and usability and have triumphed. Products that earn the ISTE Seal are aligned to the ISTE Standards, feature a strong user interface and support teaching practices backed by research and learning sciences.

This one-of-a-kind product certification is a signal that EVERFI's classroom solution supports evidence-based, high-impact pedagogy and is designed for scalable, equitable learning experiences.



No! You can use EVERFI courses with as many students as you’d like every year. Each class you create on your EVERFI account by clicking Create Class can hold up to 1000 students and you can create as many classes as you need.

The digital courses are designed for students to work independently on their own computer. Within many of the self-paced lessons, students explore scenarios where they make decisions based on their own lives. Students also complete a pre- and post-assessment that is automatically graded and available for teachers to keep track of individual performance. Teachers have access to offline resources like lesson plans and discussion guides to use whole-class in addition to the digital lessons.

For most classes, you can elect to teach the lessons in the order of your choice, but you are not able to change the way the lessons are laid out within the platform.

On your teacher dashboard you can click "details" next to any course on the "Explore Courses" & "My Courses" tab. This will bring you to the back end of the course with resources and access to take the course as a student by clicking "Preview Course".

This varies by course. Check system requirements here by selecting the device tab then find the list of K12 Education courses that are supported on that device.

We take student privacy and data safety very seriously and adhere to all COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) guidelines. You can read more about our user privacy policy here.

Yes, many EVERFI courses complement each other and go well together. You can reach out to your Implementation Specialist to get recommendations personalized for your class. Find your Implementation Specialist’s email address by logging in to your EVERFI account and clicking Help.

Yes! You can use as many EVERFI courses with as many students as you’d like every year.

The terms module and lesson are used interchangeably to describe the self-paced, digital lessons that students work through independently on their computers. Lessons last anywhere from 5-45 minutes, depending on the course. Courses are a collection of lessons on a particular topic, with anywhere from 1-7 lessons per course. EVERFI offers over 30 courses that contain altogether over 200 total lessons.

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