EVERFI Minimum System Requirements

Technical Specifications for Our Platform & Courses

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As with all web-based products, you may find different levels of success depending on the age of your device and software. While we recommend the following minimum requirements, it is not possible for us to test all device models and software combinations. For this reason, we recommend you test the course on your device to determine compatibility.

A modern web browser is required. To check your browser version, operating system, or other details, visit supportdetails.net

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Minimum System Requirements

Operating System & Browsers

Operating System & Browsers

For best performance please use:

  • Mac: Chrome/Firefox/Safari (latest version)
  • Windows: Chrome/Firefox/Edge (latest version)

Browser Settings

  • JavaScript:  Must not be disabled
  • Pop-Up Blockers:  Must be disabled
  • Security Level Settings:  Default settings supported; IE Maximum Security levels not supported
  • Privacy Settings:  Default settings supported; Maximum Privacy Setting (disabling cookies) not supported
  • Third Party Cookies: Must not be blocked
Screen Readers
Allow Lists