Code of Conduct Training for Employees

Our employee code of conduct training program helps organizations build an ethical workplace and establish a foundation of compliance.

This Code of Conduct Course Covers

  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Financial Integrity
  • Protecting Confidential Information
  • Intellectual Property
  • Workplace Ethics
  • Reporting Breaches
  • Ethics of Gift Giving

Code of Conduct Training Program Overview

Your code of conduct sets the ethical standards and establishes expectations for employee behavior in the workplace. Employee adherence to your company’s code of conduct is essential to maintaining a reputation of integrity and preventing risk for your organization. 

This comprehensive online code of conduct course teaches your employees to abide by your organization’s ethical guidelines with every business interaction and transaction. 

Our team of legal compliance experts have designed a flexible, interactive code of conduct course that teaches your employees how to mitigate legal and financial risks through real-life examples and ethically-challenging scenarios. Specifically, conflicts of interest, protecting organizational assets, maintaining confidentiality, protecting private information and data, and the ethics of gift giving.

We’ve recently updated our course content with the latest code of conduct best practices and globally applicable legal alignment. New modular content gives administrators options for lesson deployment and makes the lessons more bite-sized and easily digestible for learners. Additionally, we’ve added new videos and scenarios for a more engaging learning experience.

Code of Conduct Training Course Topics

WCN code of conduct mobile mockup

Conflicts of Interest

Learners explore realistic scenarios where employees face conflicts of interest and practice appropriate responses.

Protecting Company Information

Identifies vulnerabilites, and explores specific strategies to prevent private information from falling into the wrong hands.

Financial and Legal Integrity

Covers how to create appropriate contracts in alignment with export and trade laws, as well as how to identify and work effectively with suppliers.


Encourage you employees to report wrongdoing through the appropriate channels. They are your best line of defense against corruption.

An Evidence-Based Online Code of Conduct Training Solution

Easily deploy customizable, compliant, and effective code of conduct training designed to give all employees the the skills and tools they need to uphold an ethical work environment.

Fresh Approach to Content

Focus on your healthy majority with real-to-life training scenarios, not green screens.


Build a branded experience with over 54 unique points of customization including incorporation of your logos, welcome letters, and policy acknowledgements.

Skill-Building Exercises

Check retention and knowledge gain through interactive assessments incorporated throughout the course.

Workplace Insights

Use accurate and real-time data to guide HR and organizational workplace harassment prevention training initiatives.

Mobile Friendly

Deliver content conveniently via desktop, tablet, or mobile device to offer flexible options for your workforce.

Built For Scale

Take advantage of flexible user assignments, progress tracking, and automated assignments, plus easily monitor completion rates.