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At EVERFI, we take an evidence-based approach to tackle those important issues presenting challenges to your classroom. These range from financial literacy to social-emotional learning. Learn more from our team of experts to help you create a more engaging classroom.

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6 Mental Health Activities for Students to Embed Mental Wellness into Classroom Culture for High School

Young people are experiencing an increase in depression at an alarming rate…

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How One Maryland District Fulfilled Their Personal Finance Mandate

An increasing number of states are requiring that students graduate with some personal finance education...

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FAFSA Lesson Plan: The Case for Lessons in Financial Aid

Senior year! The time all high school students have anxiously been awaiting,…

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How One School District is Strengthening Early Literacy Skills

School districts are searching for engaging and impactful literacy activities grounded in the Science of Reading.

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How to Utilize Free Financial Literacy Resources in Your High School Counseling Program with Alyssa Lyons

45 min.

In this episode, you'll hear about free financial literacy resources that you can utilize to set up your students for success!

District Strategies to Master Financial Literacy Mandates

District Strategies to Master Financial Literacy Mandates

Author: Mike Oliver  If you’ve been following the news around financial education…

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Financial Literacy Month 2023: Financial Literacy Activities to Start With

April is Financial Literacy Month (also known as Financial Capability Month) and…

Strengthening Black History Education in Schools

Strengthening Black History Education in Schools: Challenges & Solutions

When engaging in the work of implementing a focused and holistic approach…

6 Recommended and Free Resources to teach African American History

Recognizing the importance and inclusion of African American history in our schools…

How to use 306 in your classroom for Black History Month as well as year-round

306 (three-oh-six). You may wonder how these numbers symbolize the extraordinary history…

7 Best Practices for Strengthening African American History Education

Educators across the country are working diligently to ensure that students are…

3 Tips for How to Teach Black History in 8-12th Grade Classrooms

There is a strong call to help students not only learn about…

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Read Across America 2023: Reading Liberty and Justice for All!

National Education Association’s (NEA’s) annual Read Across America event has kept up…

What Can I Do if I’m Stuck on a Word? Lean on Evidence!

Learning to read can be a complex task. Reading instruction and learning…