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EVERFI’s conduct and culture packages provide evidenced-based compliance trainings on key areas of decision-making and community building. With courses on topics like ethics, anti-discrimination and data security, learners are introduced to strategies that will help them sustain safe and secure environments. Partners and implementers can feel confident that their communities aren’t just checking a box, but gaining lifelong skills applicable in everyday interactions.

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Course Packages

Over the past 10 years, EVERFI has revolutionized compliance training online through its industry-leading courseware and technology. As the nation's leading education technology company, EVERFI currently provides compliance courses online and compliance training solutions to thousands of corporations on critical topics including Anti-harassment, Code of Conduct, GDPR, and FCPA. In addition to our award-winning courses, EVERFI also offers a powerful, compliance-first learning management system for the efficient administration and tracking of your entire compliance training program.

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    Harassment & Inclusion

    EVERFI’s Harassment & Inclusion Package is designed to provide corporations with the necessary tools to promote proper behavior for and comply with regulations pertaining to harassment & discrimination, diversity & inclusion, and managing bias.

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    HR & People

    EVERFI’s HR & People Package is an accumulation of integral courses focused on harassment & inclusion, data security & privacy, and people & culture.

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    Global Ethics & Compliance

    EVERFI’s Global Ethics & Compliance Package provides ethics training for employees with guidance on ethical issues and mandated regulations pertaining to topics such as workplace conduct, anti-corruption, and antitrust.

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Featured Courses

Integrating these fundamental courses into your corporate compliance program will help lay the groundwork for building a socially responsible and compliant work environment.

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    Harassment & Discrimination

    With a combination of interactive scenarios, video, and real cases, this course provides supervisors and employees with the necessary tools to create a workplace that is free of harassment and discrimination.

  • General Data Protection Regulation

    If your company collects or processes the personal data of any individual in the EU, understanding the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is critical. The EVERFI’s GDPR course is designed to ensure your employees understand the new rules and reporting requirements as they take effect.

  • Diversity & Inclusion

    Using the unique experiences of real people, this course encourages employees to identify how they can create a more inclusive and accepting workplace as they explore key concepts of identity, power, privilege, and communication.

  • Code of Conduct

    Our team of compliance experts have designed an employee-focused, interactive code of conduct online training course that teaches your employees how to mitigate legal and financial risks through real-life examples and ethically-challenging scenarios.

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