Online Conflicts of Interest Training Course 

Educate your workforce on conflict of interest training in business and reduce your risks of non-compliance.

This Conflict of Interest Training Course Covers

  • Gifts and Favors
  • “Kickbacks”
  • Personal conflicts of interest
  • Family conflicts of interest
  • Whistleblower Protections
  • Retaliation

Conflict of Interest Training Overview

Our conflict of interest training course provides peace of mind for your organization and employees when conducting everyday business—especially when facing an ethical dilemma such as gift-giving and receiving. Our team of compliance experts has created this employee-focused, interactive conflict of interest training that includes conflict of interest training scenarios to teach employees how to recognize and avoid conflicts of interest in the workplace, whether they are personal, financial, or family-related interests.

Conflicts of interest in business and within the workplace can result in lower employee morale, negative publicity, and can have a significant effect on your organization’s profitability. With proper conflict of interest training, your employees can effectively learn how to identify situations that may lead to a potential conflict of interest, differentiate personal versus business interests, and uphold your organization’s integrity in compromising situations.

Conflict of Interest Training course benefits

  • Customizable to meet your organization’s needs
  • Online courses for on the go learning
  • Reinforced concepts through research studies and statistics
  • Mobile optimized for flexible learning

Allow Learners to Practice

Engage learners through ‘choose your own adventure” learning experiences. Raise awareness of potentially problematic actions for themselves and their colleagues.

Examples of Conflicts of Interest

Explore real-to-life scenarios where employees may face potential conflicts of interest through the eyes of different characters.