A National Collaboration to promote Cybersecurity

The Cyber Safety Coalition is a national effort committed to driving cybersecurity awareness and safety among future generations through digital education. Through the support of its private and public sector partners, the Cyber Safety Coalition aims to make a collective impact through population-level education that reinforces safe behaviors and builds excitement for a growing cybersecurity industry.

Our Community Engagement Approach


Impact at Scale

EVERFI team members nationwide support a goal of impacting 100,000 students and 750 schools nationally by 2025 through district relationships, teacher ambassadors, in-network educators, and teacher engagements. Through our digital learning experience, students will gain increased awareness and education of cyber safety and knowledge of career paths in cybersecurity.


Brand Awareness

Network partners benefit from thought leadership and events, as well as customized community engagement and communications plan driven by their specific objectives. Activities are customized to the needs and goals of each individual program.


Volunteer Opportunities

Community is at the heart of EVERFI – this opportunity will get employees and community members excited and involved through marketing, promotion, and volunteer events.

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Measurable Results

EVERFI’s learning platform measures student knowledge gain and changes in attitudes and behaviors as a result of going through the program, while also providing a real-time climate survey of adolescent perceptions towards cybersecurity safety and career options.

Platform Details

Teaching Cyber Safety

Help students leverage technology safely and effectively with the Ignition course:

Lesson 1

Connections & Community

Students learn about the permanence of their online posts and how to manage online relationships (including instances of cyber-bullying, harassment, or "digital drama").

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Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Lesson 4
Lesson 5
Lesson 6

Cyber Careers

Empower students to fuel their future career endeavors with the Endeavor course:

Part 1

My Future

Learners complete an interactive self-assessment where they dig deeper into their interests, skills, and aptitudes. They then connect their resulting STEM profile to several career opportunities. Learners receive their type and two Career Connections that align with their type.

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Part 2


Results that Impact:

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