A first-of-its-kind public-private partnership, the Prescription Drug Safety Network is a national coalition of healthcare organizations, pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors, pharmacies, foundations, and state leaders committed to empowering Americans with the knowledge and skills to make safe and healthy decisions about prescription medications.

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The Epidemic

Proactive Solutions Through Population-Level Prevention Education

The U.S. opioid epidemic has put our country in a state of public health emergency. So far, many of the efforts to address this crisis have been focused on increasing response and expanding access to treatment.

EVERFI created the Prescription Drug Safety Network (PDSN) to bring together partners committed to getting ahead of the problem through population-level prevention. Our mission is to raise awareness at a national level and bring an evidence-based curriculum to students at scale. All in order to ensure that prescription drug abuse prevention starts to positively affect the masses.

New Podcast

Empowering Gen Z with Prevention Education

The Prescription Drug Safety Network is excited to launch its NEW podcast, Pod-Rx: Prevention and Action. Pod-Rx helps parents and guardians learn more about trends and tips on prescription drug safety through a series of interviews of educators, experts, and industry leaders.

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Featured Partner

About the Rite Aid Foundation

As a partner in the Prescription Drug Safety Network, the Rite Aid Foundation is instrumental in providing long-term solutions to prescription drug abuse  & equipping students with the knowledge and power to make safe and healthy choices. To date, the Foundation has brought the Prescription Drug Safety digital program to more than 17,000 students across more than 150 schools as part of a larger commitment to support youth in the communities it serves.

Our Focus

The Prescription Drug Safety Network was created to bring investment, human capital, best practices, and prescription drug abuse prevention technology to schools across the nation in order to combat the opioid and prescription drug abuse crisis—with a critical focus on high-school prevention education and at-risk communities.

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    High School Prevention

  • prescription drug abuse prevention for college students

    College & University Prevention

  • prescription drug abuse prevention for adults

    Adult Education

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Bring prevention education to your community by joining the Prescription Drug Safety Network today.

Network Benefits
  • Population-Level Prevention

    In order to make true long-term progress on the opioid crisis, we must start with why do people abuse prescription drugs? We must use evidence-based prevention programming in schools, as recommended by the White House Opioid Commission in order to better understand that question and find a sustainable solution.

  • Innovative Digital Solutions

    Our digital courses use interactive simulations and videos to deliver a highly engaging learning experience. EVERFI’s robust data platform provides real-time insights into students’ attitudes and behaviors -- both locally and nationally.

  • Scale & Impact

    Each Network partner commits to bringing our high school prevention course to a select group of communities. EVERFI’s team of 150 former educators implements the program in classrooms across the country. With the ultimate goal of preventing the causes of prescription drug abuse.

  • Marketing & Communications

    EVERFI will support a comprehensive marketing and communication support plan that showcases the investment in youth prescription drug safety. Network partners will also be invited to participate in the national Prescription Drug Safety Network events and conferences.

Network Partners

Since the Network’s inception in fall 2017, our founding partners have empowered more than 300,000 students across the US with a digital curriculum that uses evidence-based strategies to empower young Americans with the skills to make safe and healthy decisions about medications and prescription drug abuse prevention.


Join the Network

Bring prevention education to your community by joining the Prescription Drug Safety Network today.