In the age of social media, a single tweet can create a PR nightmare. As a result, the pressure to navigate ethics and compliance issues well is greater than ever. Organizations need to shift their strategy to focusing on the prevention of ethical issues before they begin.

Organizations who aren’t taking proactive steps to prevent ethics shortcomings are exposed to lawsuits, regulatory penalties, investigations, intense media scrutiny, and damaged employee relations.

Download this guidebook to learn:

  • The key questions you should be asking about your ethics training program
  • The critical component of an effective ethics training program
  • How to integrate compliance policies into your workplace culture
  • The data sources you can use to evaluate your programs effectiveness

“If you want to stop misconduct and mitigate risk—and create a thriving business—you need a robust, coordinated program that has the commitment of the entire organization.”

– Elizabeth Owens Bille, SVP of Workplace Culture at EVERFI