Online Global Harassment & Workplace Discrimination Training

Adapt your harassment and discrimination prevention training to a global workforce.

This Global Harassment Training Course Covers

  • Bystander intervention techniques
  • Discrimination prevention
  • Building a culture of respect
  • Equity
  • Acceptance
  • Respect
  • Positive communication styles

Global Harassment and Workplace Discrimination Prevention Training Overview

Organizations with a globally distributed and diverse workforce face a unique set of challenges.  Providing scalable, culturally relevant global harassment prevention training for employees is the first step you can take to build an inclusive culture and combat discrimination in the workplace. 

This online workplace discrimination prevention training fosters and empowers proactive behaviors that will improve communication and relationships in your organization. It uses proven techniques like bystander intervention and allyship to up-skill your workforce in preventing harassment and discrimination before it begins. 


  • Diverse content that reflects the multicultural, global perspective of your workforce 
  • Aligned to country-specific laws and treaties 
  • Flexible learning modules and mobile responsive to fit different work environments
  • Available in 14 languages


Create Equal Opportunity
Teaches employees universal concepts to improve business relationships like positive communication techniques.

Recongnizing Workplace Discrimination
Explore more subtle forms of discrimination in the workplace and ensure your employees are aware what is discriminatory across cultures.

Prevent Workplace Harassment
Demonstrate a variety of harassment intervention techniques that employees can employ to intervene if they witness harassment.

Leading Safe Workplaces
Provides managers the skills to communicate across cultural barriers, create safe workspaces, and support employees when they learn of problematic behavior.

An Evidence-Based Online Training Solution

Easily deploy customizable harassment and discrimination prevention in the workplace training to support a global, diverse, and inclusive workplace.

Fresh Approach

Content designed for a global audience, essential for multinational and diverse organizations.


Content is translated and localized into 14 languages for an inclusive learning experience.

Skill-Building Exercises

Evidence-based lessons engage your workforce and increase retention.

Workplace Insights

Accurate and timely data for HR and compliance leaders to guide harassment and discrimination training initiatives.

Mobile Friendly

All content is available on desktop, tablet, and mobile formats so no matter where in the world you are, you can access your training.

Built For Global Scale

Our platform saves HR admins time by allowing for flexible user assignments, progress and completion tracking.