Character Playbook: Building Healthy Relationships

This free digital course sponsored by the NFL teaches students how to establish and maintain healthy, supportive relationships with their classmates. Through an interactive learning experience, students engage in true-to-life scenarios that explore the fundamentals of communication, conflict resolution, and managing emotions. EVERFI has partnered with the National Medal of Honor Griffin Institute to enhance the course by adding three new videos focused on the values of courage, commitment, and integrity to help guide students in their decision-making and choices.


Free Digital Lessons for​
Students in Grades 6-9

Research-Based Curriculum
Research-Based Curriculum
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Grade Level:

English & Spanish

5 digital lessons, 25 mins each

Curriculum Fit:
Homeroom, Advisory, Health, PE, Counseling, Freshman Studies, and Morning Meeting

National Health Education Standards (NHES), CASEL Social and Emotional Learning Competencies, Common Core State Standards (CCSS)


Preview the Digital Lessons

Lesson 1

Students learn how to recognize and analyze their internal motivations, social identities, and external influences to better understand who they are.

screenshot of Character Playbook lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3
Social Awareness

Lesson 4
Relationship Skills

Lesson 5
Responsible Decision-Making


Why Teachers & Students Love This Course

“I love seeing how engaged my students were with the material. It's such useful information right now - being able to teach them how to manage their emotions. Seeing them engage and wanting to learn about how to manage their emotions, how to interact with each other was really inspiring to me. I would definitely recommend it to the teachers out there."

Middle School Teacher

North Carolina

“I liked how the course reflected on relatable issues that we go through the course of our life. It also showed how we can deal with the issues, whether they are physical or mental. They gave real-world examples like bullying, friendship betrayal, feeling emotionally alone, having trouble fitting in, and peer pressure.”

Middle School Student


“These lessons and philosophies tie seamlessly into my comprehensive counseling program. I am able to have students be engaged in learning new vocabulary and practice what we teach throughout the year through the online platform. They are excited when we get to cruise down to the computer lab and move onto the next activity.”




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