Financial Capability

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Preparing students and consumers to make sound financial decisions

Credit card bills, debt, saving, and financing higher education may not be top of mind for most young people, but the financial decisions they make today will have a long-term impact on their lives. Poor financial awareness jeopardizes Americans’ ability to succeed in today’s complex and competitive environments.

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Kids & Financial Literacy: The Benefits of Starting Early

Share this infographic with your school or colleagues! It highlights the importance of teaching financial literacy earlier in a student’s academic career so they can begin to develop healthy habits. Research suggests that students who receive K12 financial education achieve significantly higher savings and net worth later in life!

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Financial Capability Partner Spotlight

Learn More About Financial Education Through our American Express Partnership

American Express brings financial education to not only the most dense inner cities, but also the most rural areas, like Montezuma Creek, Utah.

Whether it’s figuring out the difference between a debit or a credit, teaching students about the value of savings or the process of securing a loan, American Express and EverFi provide the foundation for students who are in tough economically-challenged environments.