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Empowering students with the skill set to thrive in the 21st century

Today’s students have unprecedented access to the tools of the digital age – computers, social media and smartphones – but they are not being taught how to leverage that technology in a responsible and safe way. Upon graduating, these students will compete in an emerging global economy fueled by rapid innovation, but many will be unprepared to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Our nation is facing a growing shortage of employees who are skilled in STEM, yet the majority of teens lose interest in these subjects before they enter tenth grade.

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STEM Readiness™

(8th – 10th Grades)

The Future of STEM Education is Now

Share this infographic with your school or colleagues! It highlights the importance of STEM education. Did you know that by 2018 there are projected to be 15.58 million workers employed in STEM fields!

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STEM Partner Spotlight

EverFi Partners with the NHL and NHLPA on STEM Skills

EverFi has the capability to design and develop focused courses and Hockey Scholar by the Future Goals Program is the prime example.

Whether it’s figuring out the angle of a bank pass, the process of freezing the ice to make the playing surface, or calculating the speed of a slapshot, students are engaged in learning science and the technical aspects of one of the nation’s most notable sports.