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Data Science Foundations

Teaching Data Science in High School


  • Data Science Basics
  • Collecting, Cleaning & Validating Data
  • Analyzing & Visualizing Data
  • Reporting & Acting on Data
  • Data Science in the Financial Industry
  • Detecting Banking Fraud Simulation


Data science is a career field poised for massive growth. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Employment of computer and information research scientists is projected to grow 15 percent from 2019 to 2029, much faster than the average for all occupations. Job prospects are expected to be excellent.” The labor market is hungry for skilled data wranglers, and pays them well, but few schools offer data-science classes as part of their STEM education.

EVERFI's data science curriculum for high school is designed to empower students with knowledge about the fundamentals of data science, its currency in the job market, and its applicability to everyday life.

Data Science Foundations and the supplemental exploration labs are available to K-12 Schools at no cost.

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BEST FIT:Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, College & Career Prep
NUMBER OF LESSONS:4 Digital Lessons
TIME PER LESSON / TOTAL DURATION:30 minutes / 2 hours
STANDARDS:Common Core National Standards in Statistics & Probability

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Lesson 1

Data Science Basics

Students explore real-world problems a data scientist might need to solve, and the methods they use.

Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Lesson 4

Teaching data science in high school will help set students up for success for their future, as data analytic skills are an essential part of many career paths. Employers are going to expect their employees to have a basic understanding of data analytics and to be able to interpret, analyze, and solve problems using data sets. It’s crucial that high school students are given opportunities in the classroom to practice these skills to prepare for the workforce that soon lies ahead of them.

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