Developing Digital Responsibility with Ignition | Scholarship Winner

Today we’re featuring an excerpt from Ayesha, a scholarship winner from Manitoba who recently earned her Ignition certification. Congratulations to Ayesha for being one of our scholarship recipients!

Student: Ayesha B.

Teacher: Melissa Mathew

School: Stonybrook Middle School

Province: Manitoba

Sponsor: EVERFI

“It’s no doubt that technology has taken over our world and the use of it has skyrocketed over the years. We rely so much on this useful tool and it makes life easier in multiple ways, but we have to learn how to use it correctly and appropriately.

One of the most important topics I learned from this EVERFI course is making sure we respect other people and being digitally responsible. Many people are being cyberbullied, and it has been common act on the internet and social media. A countless amount of users have been impacted negatively through technology. Sometimes, you don’t know who’s behind the mask. People are suffering behind their screens and you don’t always know what’s actually happening to them.

This course teaches us how different people react to cyberbullying and how they would act. How their actions can show signs of being hurt through technology. People who are being cyberbullied can act differently from their usual self. For example, one might participate less in the activities they usually love doing. They might want to be isolated and stay home instead of going out with friends. The truth is, you won’t always know what is happening to someone. In my opinion, this is something that everyone should know.

Another important lesson I learned from this course is knowing which sites and sources to trust and which ones I shouldn’t. The internet can be a useful tool when shopping online, doing research, or just roaming around the web for fun. We have to know which sites are trustworthy. If you’re doing research for a class, you should make sure that the information is recent and is written by someone who knows the topic or is an expert in that field.

When shopping online, you have to be a little bit more careful and cautious. Trusted sites should have the lock icon on beside the URL bar, and should have the letter “s” after “http.” The lock icon means that your information about your credit card and other private information will be kept safe and will not be shared with other people. You never know who has control of your information.

Lastly, I learned that citing your sources is an essential. Plagiarizing and taking other people’s work and claiming it as your own can get you in trouble with the law. This course teaches you how to cite your sources properly and how to include things in your research such as direct quotes. Claiming someone else’s work as your own can have serious consequences. As students who do research and projects that involve learning something from the internet, we need to know how to give credit to our sources. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

I learned many important lessons from Ignition – Digital Literacy and Responsibility. It teaches the fundamentals of technology and the internet and digital responsibility. Now I can make sure to think twice before I do something with technology and the world around me.

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