4 Reasons to Lean On Your EVERFI Implementation Manager

EVERFI prides itself on our K-12 Implementation Team whose sole focus is providing educators access and support to our 20+ no-cost digital learning resources. The heart of that team is our Schools Managers who serve as on-the-ground support for local school districts across North America. From remote, on-demand platform trainings to in-person professional development and program launch support, your EVERFI Schools Manager is working in the interest of your needs as a teacher.

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1. Your Schools Manager is your local implementation guru.
With Schools Managers stationed throughout North America, our team helps you figure out alignment to standards correlations, where EVERFI fits in with your district initiatives, and which programs or lessons might be right for you.

2. As former educators, they know you don’t have time to recreate the wheel.
Are you passionate about students knowing finances? Or making connections between the classroom and the real world? Are you on a mission to cultivate compassion in your students? Your EVERFI Schools Manager knows local and regional best practices and strategies. Whether it’s the perfect online lessons, a discussion guide for teachers, a PowerPoint start guide for you and students, or an ice-breaker activity to build classroom culture, your EVERFI Schools Manager wants to share the wealth and make sure you know how to access both online and offline resources.

3. We’re like a Geek Squad for Digital Whole Child Learning.
Are you unsure how to set up your class in the Teacher Center or need help figuring out where to find a course outline with learning objectives? Ask us – we’re here to help you be successful.

4. They’re easy to get in touch with.
Log into the Teacher Center (or claim your free account at stagingeverfi.everfi.com/newteacher), and select the Support tab. You’ll find your local Schools Manager’s name and email right there.

You probably spend a lot of time thinking about getting students ready for the real world. So does your Schools Manager. Because EVERFI lessons cover important topics around SEL, health and wellness, financial literacy, and college and career readiness, Schools Managers love talking real-world skills and strategies for instilling them. Why keep your Schools Manager waiting? Connect today to dive into everything that EVERFI has to offer teachers and students alike.

Real World Learning Matters

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