STEM Careers List Summary:

  • Fashion Designer
  • NHL Programming Coordinator/Coach
  • Flavor Technologist
  • Zoologist
  • Data Scientists  for Music Apps/Websites

ELA, ESSA, ESL… Education is filled with acronyms for particular content area or nation-wide initiative but one of the most widely recognizable acronyms is STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math].  Schools and communities are integrating STEM related activities, turning former computer labs in Makerspaces, and witnessing a 10.5% growth of STEM related careers from 2009-2015.  There’s no doubt about- STEM careers are in high demand! Can students translate why it’s important to apply STEM related skills even if they don’t want to be an engineer or scientists as adults? 

Let’s take a look at 5 ‘out of the box’ careers that incorporate critical STEM knowledge as we broaden our scope for students’ career awareness:

1.) Fashion Designer

Have you ever purchased an outfit that fits you perfectly for that special event?  If so, you can thank a fashion designer’s strong math skills to know exactly what proportions are appropriate for a particular body shape or fabric.  Imagine having a beautiful sketch in your mind that must be translated to a 2D paper drawing and furthermore into a 3D garment, rack ready. Yes, students, translations, equations, tessellations; geometry is used in real-life!  

2.) NHL Programming Coordinator/Coach

On screen we see hockey players skating at an impressive speed chasing after the puck and defending the net with skill and precision.  These skills didn’t happen overnight and thanks to the support from coaches, skill development leaders, and program coordinators many of these players perfected these moves from a young age.  Abby Greenbaum, Programming Coordinator & Coach for the Pittsburgh Penguins youth & adult training, applies math skills in every aspect of her job. “Math is extremely important in this position.  I must ensure that rinks are reserved for the proper amount of time with the correct number of players on the ice as well as provide equipment appropriate for each player’s height & skill level. Numbers are important to players & us so we can continue to improve on & off the ice.” Curious about what other careers are in the game of sports? Integrate Future Goals- Hockey Scholar into your STEM activities to practice how ice technicians, coaches, equipment managers, & more integrate math everyday.

3.) Flavor Technologist

Think of your favorite snack; can you describe the shape, texture, flavor, perhaps even the packaging?  Knowing that you can return to that snack time & time again with the same joy is precisely the job of a flavor technologist! Designing the process so that each bite is consistent in any quantity at any store depends on combining the proper proportions of ingredients and analyzing data from experimental procedures in a lab before brining that product to consumers.  

4.) Zoologist

There’s an assumption that zoologists are outside with animals playing, feeding, & cleaning all day. Although this may be part of the job a majority of a zoologist’s responsibilities are behind the scenes. Zoologists analyze statistics collected on animal behaviors, population change, animal size & growth, even the study of genetics.  In addition to ensuring babies become strong, healthy adults, zoologists create the environments for each animal by measuring enough space in each enclosure relative to animal needs and habitat.

5.) Data Scientists  for Music Apps/Websites

Music heals, excites, and connects.  Typically, creating music, singing and playing instruments are considered right brain activities. Data scientists working for popular music streaming services can be said to bridge the ‘right brain- left brain’ belief by combining the love music and data mining. A data scientist working with this service could create  personalized playlists based on a user’s listening activity or even their mood.


Alyssa Mahramus is a Schools Implementation Manager for EVERFI providing support to Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia schools.  She is a former teacher of 8 years working both in the city of Pittsburgh, PA and Pinehurst, NC. When not reading about education or discovering new classroom tools, Alyssa loves running & playing with her dog Steve.


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