Mental Wellness

This free digital course introduces students to the topic of mental health and the ways in which they can implement coping strategies to manage their own challenging thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Through interactive real-world scenarios, students learn how to support friends and family who may be struggling, how to recognize when to seek help, and how to access appropriate resources to do so.


Free Digital Lessons for​
Students in Grades 8-12

Research-Based Curriculum
Research-Based Curriculum
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Grade Level:

English, French, & Spanish

6 digital lessons, 15 mins each

Curriculum Fit:
Health, Counseling, Advisory, and Homeroom

National Health Education Standards (NHES)


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Lesson 1
Introduction to Mental Health

Students learn what mental wellness is and recognize the factors that maintain and contribute to positive mental health. The lesson also defines stress and explains how it interacts with mental health.

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Lesson 2
Understanding Mental Health Challenges

Lesson 3
Mental Health Coping Strategies

Lesson 4
Staying Healthy in Times of Uncertainty

Lesson 5
Seeking and Offering Support

Lesson 6
Creating a Supportive Mental Wellness Plan


Why Teachers & Students Love This Course

“Understanding causes of stress and mental illnesses made me more aware of my situation. I realized that I didn't have a balance. Through this course, I was able to reduce stress by stabilizing my schedule, which almost immediately improved my overall well-being.”

High School Student

New York

“Once kids can name something, it becomes easier to understand and relate to. And for mental health, this can be a really important way to reduce stigma.”

Middle School Teacher


“EVERFI continues to be in tune with the ever-changing needs of students and teachers. As a district who is committed to the wellness of all students, we are excited with the addition of Understanding Mental Wellness. Designed to help students recognize the importance of mental health, the program provides students with a research-based resource.”

Mental Health Director



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