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The students are extremely engaged in learning about making money, budgeting and saving money for long-term goals.


Teacher:  Sarah Ketsman

Subject: Financial Literacy

School:  Ste. Marie School, Canada

Resource:  Vault: Understanding Money (Grades 4-6)


Sarah wears two hats: she’s Principal and a teacher at Ste. Marie School in the province of Manitoba in Canada. Local EVERFI Schools Manager Leila knows how much Sarah values financial literacy so she asked Sarah to share some tips from her classroom.

Why are you using Vault – Understanding Money in your classroom?

We’re using Vault in our classroom again this year as it complements our Financial Literacy course that we have timetabled in for all Grade 4-8 students. Our school goal this year for Numeracy is Financial Literacy. We have incorporated programs such as Vault, the Real Game and have introduced our students to a Class Economy as part of our teachings. The students are extremely engaged in learning about making money, budgeting and saving money for long-term goals.

Is there a particular Vault lesson that fits well into what you’re currently teaching?

The lesson that fits nicely with what we are currently learning is Responsible Money Choices. In our class economy the students “make money” by completing daily tasks such as finishing homework on time, coming to class prepared and so forth. Every several weeks they have the option of saving their money for a larger prize / reward or spending it on a smaller prize / reward. The Responsible Money Choices module gives the students a good foundation on the importance of making wise choices with their money.

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