Technology is ingrained in our society. Now more than ever, teachers are implementing technology into their lessons as a way to enhance what they are teaching, engage the students, and share information in a multitude of ways. In recent years, we have seen how technology influences and encourages communication, breeding new parent-teacher communication tools available to educators across the globe.

Why Do These New Parent-Teacher Tools Matter?

As a former classroom teacher and technology specialist, I know that educators are striving to create a unified front with parents. No longer are they only meeting once a year across the table at a parent teacher conference. Teachers are using EdTech Tools to engage parents on a daily basis.

What Does This Do For Teachers and Parents?

What does sharing information weekly or daily with parents do for teachers and parents? EdTech Tools for parent and teacher communication unlock a world of benefits.

Such as:

  • Instant Sharing of Information. No more meetings with parents after a student receives a poor grade or has fallen behind. Sharing information has becoming more instantaneous, allowing teachers to alert parents immediately, whenever necessary.  
  • Parents are more involved in their children’s day to day education. Instead of weekly reports, monthly reports, or report cards, parents are able to hear more about their child’s whole education. Areas of success, struggle, projects completed, or activities done in class are shared via these tools. Parents are able to provide better support when needed or ask questions of teachers when they’re confused about an assignment or project.  

Technology Has Become Easier to Use

As a technology specialist I worked with teachers that had varying levels of experience using technology. Nowadays, having a smartphone, tablet, or computer is the norm, and basic competency with associated tech is expected.

EdTech Tools that are easy to use, available across multiple devices, and secure (information about your student is only shared with you or within the class app) are the most beneficial to teachers and parents.  

What do the Best Parent-Teacher Communication Tools Do Effectively?

In my experience, I have found many different tools to be effective in the classroom. Apps like ClassDojo or Seesaw are two that come quickly to mind. The most important feature of parent-teacher communication tools are quite simply, the parent and teacher. No matter how great the app or program is, if the teacher is not using it and sharing with parents, it doesn’t matter. Parents must also be engaged – participation on both sides is key.

Parents and teachers are working side by side, keeping the other side afloat to issues going on at home, great experiences that were had in the classroom, and using technology to effectively communicate expectations. As the availability of technology peaks, access to these tools is no longer viewed as a rarity, but an expectation. To effectively communicate, parents and teachers will need to continue to bridge the gap by any means necessary, and EdTech accessibility has been a huge help.

Dan Lindsay is an EVERFI Schools Manager in Tampa Florida. He has worked with EVERFI for the last year and a half. Prior to working with EVERFI he was a 4th and 5th grade classroom teacher for 7 years. For 5 additional years he was a Schools Based Technology Specialist helping teachers integrate technology into the classroom. He loves spending time doing all things Florida with his 3 little boys and wife.

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