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EVERFI’s online resources for teachers help prepare students to face real world challenges—now and in the future. Thanks to partners who share our mission, EVERFI offers free digital lessons and teacher professional development.

Education for the Real World

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Our Resources

A hub for educators looking to activate real world skills, EVERFI is here to support you from planning to implementation with:

  • Engaging Digital Courses

    Our interactive, standards-based curriculums feature extension lessons and built-in reporting.

  • Local Support

    We're powered by 80+ former educators whose sole focus is training and supporting teachers so you can get the most out of EVERFI resources.

  • All at No Cost

    Thanks to the support of EVERFI partners, K-12 resources, training and events are 100% free to schools and educators.

EVERFI is FREE for teachers and students

Real World Learning Matters

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EVERFI's digital curriculums empower teachers to bring critical skills education into their classrooms. Our interactive, game-based lessons help prepare students for success in the real world.

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Beyond Our Courses

Students and Teachers are at the heart of our work. EVERFI’s programs offer enrichment opportunities for both professional and student learning.

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Hear from EdTech Teacher Leaders about Connecting Learning to the Real World with EVERFI

"I use EVERFI resources because they put real life scenarios in an educational context. My students can learn at their own pace, and are fully engaged in the program. The units I teach are enhanced by the modules and I can monitor all their progress with a few mouse clicks."

Eileen Lennon, Nathaniel Hawthorne Middle School 74 - NY

"I am absolutely enamored with your financial literacy resources. They really do teach critical skills the right way. These lessons stick with my high schoolers by having them create real-world connections."

Jere Minter, Seneca High School - KY

"Thank you so much for all your help and support with EVERFI's resources. This is one of there rare occasions where I feel like I had all the help and support I needed in implementing something new in my classroom (it is usually left up to us to figure it all out!). I know when they finish this program, they will be looking forward to another!"

Tracy Renaud, Rundlett Middle School - NH

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