WORD Force:
A Literacy Adventure

As the commander of the WORD Force, a motley group of superheroes, students will develop a strong foundation in key beginning reading skills through interactive gameplay. We're proud to announce a refreshed digital course with newly added direct instruction videos, game onboarding, and level-specific interventions for students who need more guidance in the course. WORD Force games incorporate practice in skills promoted by the science of reading. The instructional support also aligns with how children learn literacy skills best: through explicit, systematic instruction (National Reading Panel, 2000).


Free Digital Games for​
Students in Grades K-2

Research-Based Curriculum
Research-Based Curriculum


Grade Level:

English & Spanish

15 digital games with 5 levels each, 8-10 mins per level

Curriculum Fit:
Reading and ELA

CCSS ELA K-12 and State-Based English Language Arts Standards


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Topic 1
Phonological Awareness

Students will gain confidence in their ability to identify and manipulate sound structures (e.g., rhyme, individual speech sounds) in spoken words.

Word Force screenshot 1

Topic 2
Letter-Sound / Letter Name Matching

Topic 3
Word Building

Topic 4

Topic 5
Reading Fluency

Topic 6
Reading Comprehension


Why Teachers & Parents Love This Course

“I used WORD Force this year to help my students with reinforcing phonics. They enjoyed and bragged every time they got to open a new area. Even my high-level students not only enjoyed it but got a better understanding with larger words."

Elementary School Teacher


“These reading games are awesome! A few days ago, my 5-year-old did not know how to rhyme and was having trouble with a number of letter sounds. Now he is pointing out the first letter of every object he sees and pretending he is ‘Robot Pig,’ one of the characters in the game. My partner and I were blown away at the change.”

Elementary School Parent


“I love that my students can work through the games at their own pace, access the resource at home, and retake the tests. I also love the automatic reports and how easy it is to use the resources.”

Elementary School Teacher



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