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WORD Force: A Literacy Adventure for K-2 Students

Independent Practice Made Easy for Early Literacy


  • Rhyming Words Letter
  • Sound/Letter Name Matching
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Word Building
  • Vocabulary
  • Spelling
  • Sight Words
  • Reading Comprehension


Developing strong literacy skills at an early age helps students reach their full potential and generates long-term benefits like lower risk of grade retention, increased graduation rates, and improved earning power later in life. Acting as the commander of a rag-tag group of superheroes called the WORD Force, K-2 students develop a foundation in key reading skills by leveling-up through fun and impactful literacy games. You can request the course on your EVERFI dashboard.

With WORD Force, you’ll energize independent practice time. Throughout the program’s 15 games, your students will enjoy a silly “save-the-world” storyline while receiving consistent, timely feedback on their budding early literacy skills.

*New for 2022* We implemented the following features to enhance the student experience: direct instruction videos and video library, interventions for students struggling in a level, eBook library, level select map, game modifications with updated game functionality and voiceovers, and upgraded offline materials.

Truist and EVERFI are pleased to share the WORD Force National Hub with families and community organizations nationwide. This resource will continue to be offered at no cost through Truist’s funding of the program, and equips families and community organizations with the opportunity to provide an engaging and effective early literacy experience outside the classroom. Get started now at truistwordforce.com

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NUMBER OF LESSONS:15 Games, 5 Levels Each
TIME PER LESSON / TOTAL DURATION: 8-10 min / Time Varies
STANDARDS:Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts, State-Based English Language Arts Standards

Preview the Lessons

Lesson 1

Sprouting Sounds: Beginning and Ending Sounds

Skill: This game will help students gain confidence in identifying words that have the same beginning or ending sounds.In this mission, students will join The Clump in an adventure to plant new trees in the forest. They will hear beginning and ending sounds and identify the matching hidden pictures.

Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Lesson 4
Lesson 5
Lesson 6

Hear Why Teachers & Students Love This Course

WordForce has been FANTASTIC this year. Even my high-level students not only enjoyed it, but got a better understanding with larger words. I will be using WordForce next year as I LOVE the games and how it gives them practice they so desperately need.

Stephanie Macier


Dallas, TX

I learned lots of sounds, spelling, and sight words. It was fun! It helps me make sentences. It helps me be a better reader.”


Centennial Elementary School 

Dickson, TN

I love that my students can work through the courses at their own pace, access the resource at home, and retake the tests. I also love the automatic reports and how easy it is to use the resources.”



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