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Our network of K-12 teachers is EVERFI’s heartbeat. That’s why we’ve launched Educator Spotlights: Stories from the Classroom. Every couple of months, we’ll invite you inside the classrooms of inspiring educators to get a glimpse into how and why they keep doing what they do. Enjoy!

“My ninth grade Computer Applications student, Emmanuel, said “…I never knew about STEM until I came into your class. I didn’t know how fun it would be to learn and it has opened my mind to a future career in the STEM field.”

Teacher:  Glenn M. Gamble
Subject:  Comprehensive Business Teacher, Grades 8 & 9
School:  Orange Preparatory Academy, NJ
Resources:  Future Goals – Hockey ScholarEndeavor STEM Career ExplorationFutureSmartCharacter Playbook

Glenn M. Gamble is an EVERFI power teacher from New Jersey who took the time to share insights from his vast experience using EVERFI courses with his grade 8 and 9 students at Orange Preparatory Academy. Watch his video above and read on below for an inspiring glimpse into Glenn’s classroom.

What caught your attention about EVERFI’s digital resources and made you decide to try them out with your class?

I first became aware of EVERFI resources when I attended the 2016 NJEA Teachers Convention in Atlantic City, NJ. I was amazed at the interactivity for the students and the reporting analytics for the teacher. The icing on the cake was the certificates for students when they completed a learning module.  I was also impressed with the online resources for lesson plans and curriculum guides; this made the integration of the learning management system very smooth for classroom use.  Another feature that attracted me to EVERFI was the relevance of material to the needs of millennial learners, their lessons focused on the issues faced by today’s learners.

How has your overall experience been?

My experience with EVERFI’s resources has been so rewarding that I embarked on earning two of their Micro Credentials: Certified FinEd Teacher and Certified STEM Teacher; beginning the spring of 2018, I’ll become a facilitator for their Micro Credential Cohorts.

What do your students like most about the resources?

My ninth grade Computer Applications student Emmanuel said “…I never knew about STEM until I came into your class. I didn’t know how fun it would be to learn and it has opened my mind to a future career in the STEM field.”  ALL of my students love receiving their personalized certificates when they complete a module; some of my ELL learners call their certificates a diploma, something they’ve never received prior to becoming my student.  These reflections engrave a lasting legacy on my time, effort and energy invested into my classroom.

What is one piece of advice you would pass on to teachers using this resource for the first time?

One piece of advice I would offer to teachers using Future Goals – Hockey Scholar or other EVERFI resources for the first time: create the class on your dashboard and let the students jump in!  Be their coach, mentor and guide, let them enjoy the resources, this will allow you the opportunity to differentiate and model for students who need your time and guidance. Have additional resources ready to go for the students who grasp concepts faster than others. Give them the vocabulary list with the course code and let them explore!

Would you like to share anything else about your experience?

When an administrator walks into my classroom and views all the certificates from various modules in EVERFI posted on the walls and boards, they know without a shadow of doubt that learning is taking place and students are succeeding.  One thing I’ve learned from the certification celebrations, kids love to eat and will never turn down food! Thank You EVERFI for your commitment to an urban educator like me and providing the opportunity to open new doors and expand the minds of my students.

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