Mike Oliver

Each year, over 13,000 school districts across North America partner with EVERFI to provide educators with high quality digital lessons to teach life skills; all at no cost thanks to partners like the MassMutual Foundation and NFL. These resources, covering topics such as personal finance, health & wellness, and character development, also come with a variety of free support services provided by the EVERFI District Support team. 

Comprised of former K-12 educators, the District Support team is dedicated to ensuring that their districts’ administrators have the essential tools for seamless EVERFI resource implementation. Their services include planning, alignment, teacher training, as well as continuous reporting and technical assistance, ensuring that both administrators and educators enjoy round-the-clock support from the outset. Read on to see how California and Maryland districts partner with EVERFI to create aligned implementation plans, lead teacher training and support, and magnify student learning through scalable Single Sign-On (SSO) integration. 

Strategic Planning – A roadmap for district success 

Effective planning serves as the foundation for successful implementation, furnishing a roadmap that directs administrators, educators, and stakeholders toward shared objectives. At the start of each partnership, EVERFI’s District Support Lead listens to administrators, gaining insight into the district’s goals, challenges, and opportunities. EVERFI then creates a tailored plan that aligns its free life skills resources and support with the district’s objectives. Through this collaborative planning, school districts can allocate resources proficiently, guaranteeing comprehensive teacher training, support, and the achievement of district goals. The nation’s second largest school district, LAUSD, provides an excellent example of how EVERFI’s tailored support increases student achievement in the process of pursuing district goals. 

District: Los Angeles Unified Schoo District, CA 

  • Students: 495,000+
  • Schools: 785
  • Goal: Create a multi-year strategy to help ensure that graduates are financially literate 
  • Impact: 400% more students financially literate  

In pursuit of the objective to ensure financial literacy for all graduates across more than 120 high schools in the district, LAUSD forged a partnership with EVERFI, fostering a comprehensive and dynamic multi-year strategy. With three core elements, the strategy focuses on alignment, training & support, and ongoing communication & assessment. Jessica Golden, EVERFI’s District Support Lead, collaborated with admin to align EVERFI’s free financial literacy resources with curriculum maps for CTE and economic classes.   

Throughout each semester, EVERFI conducts in-person and virtual district-wide training sessions, as well as customized sessions for individual schools and educators. With continuous support available around the clock from EVERFI, both teachers and students receive prompt assistance. Monthly meetings between LAUSD and EVERFI ensure that administrators stay well-informed about usage trends, learning progress, scholarship opportunities, and other developments, thus maintaining steady progress towards LAUSD’s goal.

Professional Learning – Empowering teachers through tailored training strategies 

EVERFI knows that educators need to feel confident to successfully teach new content and use new resources. That’s why EVERFI provides districts with free professional development sessions throughout the year. Whether virtual or in-person, these 30–60-minute sessions are designed to equip teachers with a strong understanding of the content and best practices for easily implementing EVERFI’s turnkey resources into their classrooms. Prine George’s County Public Schools provides an excellent example of the lengths EVERFI will go to ensure that teachers are supported on Day One and beyond.

District: Prince George’s County Public Schools, MD

  • Students: 136,000+
  • Schools: 208
  • Goal: Provide formal & informal professional development sessions throughout the year
  • Impact: 224% more students than previous school year 

Facing the staffing and scheduling challenges posed by COVID, PGCPS required a multi-faceted training strategy.  After assessing district schedules, EVERFI District Lead, Teagan Seeley, and PGCPS administrators designed a flexible training and communication approach, comprising two structured professional development (PD) sessions, eleven informal engagements, and access to asynchronous training resources. This framework empowered teachers to become confident implementers of EVERFI’s resources in as little as 15 minutes.  

Among these, the Chat & Chew sessions stood out as a well-received initiative. Offering teachers the choice to participate, these sessions provided convenient and casual learning opportunities to become EVERFI experts during their lunch and dinner hours. The PGCPS-EVERFI partnership led to over 100 trained and actively supported teachers. 

EVERFI usage in Prince George's County Public Schools

SSO Integration – Streamlining access to enhance learning 

EVERFI’s platform was created with ease of use and security always in mind. The traditional registration process ensures that teachers can securely create their own account and begin using the turnkey resources with their students in under 15 minutes. Districts can reduce this time even further while increasing security by integrating EVERFI with their ClassLink and Clever SSO platforms. Read on to learn how an individual school integration led to SSO integration and student growth at scale. 

District: Fresno Unified School District, CA 

  • Students: 71,000+
  • Schools: 100
  • Goal: Increase student access to financial literacy & health resources
  • Impact: 190% more students than the previous year 

To increase student access to EVERFI’s free financial literacy and health resources, administrators in FUSD worked with their EVERFI District Lead, Andee Hugenberg, to provide E Learn Academy teachers and students with a simplified user experience. 

Prior to integrating EVERFI into the Academy’s SSO platform, EVERFI aligned its no cost financial literacy and health resources to the district’s curriculum maps. With alignment achieved, the EVERFI team conducted multiple teacher training sessions, offered continuous office hours for assistance, and engaged in individual meetings with teachers to guarantee a seamless implementation process. After hearing of the success of this initiative, CTE and Health teachers across the district began requesting SSO integration leading to an increase of 190% more students learning life skills with EVERFI in Fresno Unified School District. 

Replicating Success: Impact your district’s students with EVERFI 

The same resources and support that EVERFI provides the districts discussed above is available to all North American school districts at no cost. This is due to EVERFI’s network of local and national organizations passionate about providing schools with the resources they need to teach life skills. They cover all the costs, so districts don’t have to. 

Meet with your district’s support team to learn how EVERFI can support you in achieving your district’s goals. 


Mike Oliver supports EVERFI’s Districts Partnerships team as the Principal, K-12 Marketer. With a rich background spanning nearly a decade as a social studies teacher for middle and high school students, Mike’s journey led him to EVERFI. His focus is on extending nationwide the very resources that empowered his students’ financial literacy.