Marketplaces Course Effect Study


Marketplaces Course Effect Study

Numerous studies have shown that American students lack the necessary financial investing knowledge and skills to thrive in the current economic environment. American high school students need high-quality educational programs on financial investing topics, but many do not have access to such resources.

Marketplaces is EVERFI’s flagship financial investing course for high school students. The program provides students with cutting-edge digital learning experience to equip them with an understanding of how the market works and the confidence to participate in it. Our preliminary study has shown that the students’ investing knowledge, attitudes and behavioral intentions improved significantly after they used Marketplaces.

Now we are conducting a more rigorous study to test the efficacy of the program, and we want you to join us in the Marketplaces Course Effect Study!

Benefits for you and your child

  • Free access to Marketplaces, EVERFI’s flagship financial investing educational program for high school students
  • $50 incentives for completing all required tasks

Who can participate?

  • Children who are in high school (grades 9-12) in Spring 2024 
  • Children who have not taken Marketplaces before 

What we will ask your child to do

  • If your child is assigned to the course-condition group, finish all modules of Marketplaces in a 4-week window from March to April 2024.
  • If your child is assigned to the no-course condition group, your child will be asked to take one survey in March 2024 and another in April 2024. The surveys have questions about your child’s financial investing knowledge, attitudes and behaviors. Your child will have free access to the program after we receive the survey responses.

Time Commitment

  • The Marketplaces program has 5 modules and is designed to be finished with a total of 90 minutes (about 1 and a half hours) of learning time.
  • For the participants in the no-course condition group, each survey takes about 25 minutes to finish.

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