Black History Month Challenge


Empower Students & Families in Your Community

Meet the student winners of the 2021 EVERFI Black History Month Challenge

Help young people draw connections from past and present events to understand the world around them, and spark enduring conversations about race and allyship.


The Black History Month Challenge INSPIRES today’s students by telling stories about the Black experience in America, EMPOWERS students through the counter-storytelling of Black perspectives across generations, ELEVATES history as a lens to understand current events, and TRANSFORMS students’ perception of the world around them.

"Consumers and employees are now looking for more than Corporate Social Responsibility.  They’re looking for what I call Corporate Social Justice."

-Harvard Business Review

About the Challenge

The Black History Month Challenge is a nationwide digital learning initiative for high school students that will run across the month of February. Sponsored by leading organizations for the students in their communities, the Challenge is made up of a four-part course and an essay contest where students compete to win $20,000 in scholarships.

The events included in this course are curated to highlight the exceptional spirit of the Black community embodied in the continued fight for equity - and to spark critical conversations about social justice.

Program Elements

Fun & Engaging Course

EVERFI has built an engaging course to inspire today’s students by telling stories about the Black experience in America.

Data & Engagement Dashboard

Our data platform tracks student usage and engagement throughout the program. Sponsors will have access to this in a dynamic data dashboard and be able to report on program reach and impact.

EVERFI Scholarship

EVERFI will host a $20,000 scholarship contest to incentivize student participation in the program. Three scholarship winners will be selected based on the capstone essay submissions and will be selected by EVERFI.

Marketing & Incentives

Each sponsor receives a custom branded landing page with the course, as well as a marketing toolkit and templates to promote the Black History Month Challenge. Additionally, sponsors can run incentives to drive engagement. 

EVERFI's SVP of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


“The national conversation on racial justice and equity is driving the most powerful demands for action that we have seen in a generation. At EVERFI, we believe in the private sector’s overwhelming power to bring solutions that yield essential societal change and answer the call.”

Thank you to our sponsors and students who joined us for the 2021 EVERFI Black History Month Challenge. Check back later in the year to learn more about next year’s challenge.