With prescription drug misuse being the fastest-growing drug problem in the US, it’s crucial to educate teenagers on safe usage and the warning signs of addiction. That’s why EVERFI and their strategic partners are committed to empowering the next generation with the skills and knowledge to make safe decisions about prescription medications through digital education.

Our Community Education Approach
  • Research-based behaviors methodologies

    This self-guided digital learning experience uses interactive content and simulations to equip students with the strategies and best practices to manage and dispose of prescription medications. Based on assessments, learners are more prepared and feel more empowered to make safe and responsible decisions about prescription medication after taking the Prescription Drug Safety course.

  • Population-level Prevention

    In order to make true long-term progress on the opioid crisis, we must start with upstream prevention recommended by the White House Opioid Commission, research-based prevention programming in schools can enable us to better understand the reasons for prescription drug abuse and find a sustainable solution.

  • Scale & Impact

    EVERFI’s learning platform measures student knowledge gain and changes in attitudes and behaviors as a result of going through the program, while also providing a real-time climate survey of adolescent perceptions towards prescription drugs and related behaviors.

  • Awareness & Communications

    Network partners benefit from thought leadership and events, as well as customized community engagement and communications plan driven by their specific objectives. Network awareness is driven by subject matter experts, social strategy, and an annual convening summit. Additionally, tailored marketing assets provided by EVERFI will enable partners to leverage their impact within their communities and desired audiences.

Platform Details

Take a look into the digital approach of the Prescription Drug Safety course.

The Basics

Students become familiarized with the difference types of prescription drugs, how they can affect the body, and some of their harmful side effects.

Science of Addiction

Students explore how substance use disorder can affect the brain and body, knowledge which can ultimately help students avoid developing a problem.

Understanding Prescriptions

Students learn about the proper usage, storage, and disposal of prescription drugs – important in preventing misuse and abuse of prescription drugs.

Safe Use

Students guide characters to make smart choices regarding prescription drug use, which is not always harmful but has the potential to be misused.

Refusal Skills

Students learn about the risks of the recreational use of prescription drugs. They also learn strategies for effectively refusing to misuse prescription drugs through interactive scenarios.

Addiction, Treatment, and Recovery

Students learn that treatment works, and recovery can help people in recovery. Students also have an opportunity to check in with themselves about their own prescription drug use and determine if they need support.

Supporting Others

Students become familiar with how to support others in situations involving prescription drug misuse and overdose. They also get the opportunity to reflect on what stops and encourages them to reach out and help others in need.

Fentanyl: Fast and Fatal

Students learn about the facts, risks, and dangers of counterfeit pills that contain fentanyl, which will help them better understand and safely navigate the growing fentanyl health crisis in the country.

Join our EVERFI Prescription Drug Safety Partners

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Customer Highlight

Since the Prescription Drug Safety course’s inception in fall 2017, our founding partners have empowered more than over 1 million students across the US with a digital curriculum that uses research-based strategies to empower young Americans with the skills to make safe and healthy decisions about medications and prescription drug abuse prevention.

If you, or someone you know, may be struggling with substance misuse or abuse, please call SAMHSA’s National Hotline at 1-800-662-4357 or visit DrugAbuse.com’s prescription drug helpline. If you are currently experiencing an overdose, please call 911 immediately.