We don’t know what skills will be needed by the workforce of tomorrow, but we do know that some skills never grow old. EVERFI’s STEM and Career Readiness offering activates the lifelong learner, or the EVERLearner, the person who can master any task because they possess the skills that really matter: curiosity, ingenuity, and the confidence to learn and grow.

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Endeavor - STEM Career Exploration

Sponsored by a host of leading technology and manufacturing companies, the Endeavor program lets students explore STEM careers via interactive gameplay and real-world scenarios.

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Our Focus

Powering Today's World

Driven by the desire to shape the next generation of economic and technological leaders, EVERFI designs STEM & Career Readiness resources using interactive content to connect key concepts to real-world applications—an approach that ensures learners are prepared to compete in an economy fueled by rapid innovation.

  • Career Preparedness

    EVERFI's Career Exploration courses inspire students to tie individual interests within high-demand STEM careers with online science, math, engineering and technology education.

  • Entrepreneurship

    Designed to teach users to think through an entrepreneurial lens, these offerings use case studies, interactive simulations and personal development activities to teach important business skills.

  • STEM Literacy

    EVERFI's STEM Literacy offerings reinforce key concepts like scientific thinking and data analysis, exposing students to foundational STEM concepts through real-life applications.

  • Digital Citizenship

    Created to teach students how to leverage technology in safe and responsible ways, EVERFI’s Digital Citizenship courses instill knowledge on issues such as cyberbullying, privacy and responsible social networking.

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Bring STEM & Career Readiness offerings to your community.