What are Illinois’ harassment training requirements? 

The state of Illinois’ new harassment training requirements were set by SB 75. This law requires all private employers in Illinois provide sexual harassment prevention training at least once per year. In addition to the base training that all employers must provide, restaurants and bars must also provide supplemental training. 

What should sexual harassment training in Illinois cover?  

The Illinois harassment bill requires that you train employees on the definition of sexual harassment according to Illinois laws, and provide example of unlawful sexual harassment. In addition the law requires that remedies be available to victims of sexual harassment. Finally training must explain supervisors’ liability and responsibility under the law. 

Who does Senate Bill 75 apply to?  

Senate Bill 75 applies to all companies with 4 or more employees in Illinois. The law also requires that all restaurants and bars provide supplemental training.  

What does this mean for you? 

This is a big shift for Illinois employers and you will likely need to make a number of changes to satisfy the Illinois harassment training requirements. As a first step, you will need to identify, schedule and deliver sexual harassment training for all of your employees and make a plan for any new additions to your team. 

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