Demystifying Diversity and Inclusion for Effectiveness

Although nearly 75% of tech companies report having a diversity and inclusion program in place, tech remains one of the most highly scrutinized industries regarding diversity and inclusion. Traditional approaches may not be effectively creating inclusive workplaces, pushing companies to find new methods to address this critical challenge.

A solid diversity and inclusion training strategy should achieve more than just knowledge gains. It should seek to positively shape attitudes, behaviors, and skills that promote inclusivity in the workplace. EVERFI, white paper, Demystifying Diversity and Inclusion for Effectiveness, dives into the four most common pitfalls in D&I programs and methods to boost your program’s overall efficacy.

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Learn how to address common pitfalls of diversity & inclusion initiatives in the workplace

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  • The true difference between diversity and inclusion
  • The relationship between diversity and discrimination
  • How and why the social case for diversity trumps the business case
  • An effective means for measuring inclusion in your company

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