EVERFI’s engaging online STEM activities tap into student interest and curiosity to make critical math, and science concepts relatable leads them through STEM career exploration.

Our engaging and interactive online STEM activities & career readiness lesson plans inspire students to pursue the careers of tomorrow.

EVERFI partners with sponsors nationwide to offer interactive, online STEM activities & Career Readiness resources to K-12 schools free of charge.

Our STEM Activities & Career Readiness Resources Feature

Relevant Contexts
  • Game-based learning captures student interest

  • Designed for the standards you need to teach

  • Comprehensive reports to track student progress

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Keys To Your Future – College and Career Readiness


Keys To Your Future is a career and college readiness program to help educators prepare high school students for a variety of post-secondary options and the workforce, offering them various pathways to reach their goals, regardless of cultural or economic background. This digital resource provides soft skill development, financial guidance, and transferable skills to help students identify personal goals, and succeed now and in the future.

Grade Levels

9th, 10th, 11th, 12th

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