EVERFI, Inc., the leader in financial wellness technology solutions, announces the availability of EVERFI Achieve™. Achieve is a mobile-first, interactive financial education platform designed to provide consumers with the tools and personalized knowledge necessary to make informed financial decisions.

Achieve offers an extensive library of topics organized by short micro-learning moments within broader topic areas. The full library of content is accessible on demand, making it available anytime a consumer has a question or is considering an important financial decision. Designed to provide a robust and flexible user experience, Achieve is the premier financial capability tool that is built specifically for mobile devices. Its responsive design also makes it accessible via desktop, laptop, or tablet.

“For more than 10 years EVERFI has built financial wellness solutions for leading financial institutions that understand the benefits of empowering customers to make good financial decisions,” said Ray Martinez, President of Financial Education at EVERFI. “Achieve provides a holistic financial wellness approach by offering true mobile accessibility and content that is personalized and presented in an engaging manner – this is an unparalleled first in the industry.”

A recent EVERFI study found that 78 percent of adults wish they had more information readily available when making financial decisions, and 70 percent turn to mobile devices when searching for information. From opening a credit card to taking out a student loan, buying a home or saving for retirement, most adults feel unprepared to make large financial decisions without additional information. More than 92 percent of respondents report seeking additional information online to guide their decision making and 72 percent are seeking personalized content that relates specifically to them.

Through Achieve, users have access to a growing library of interactive educational content that is organized in playlist sequences. Learners have the option to explore preset playlists or take a brief survey at the beginning of the learning experience to receive a personalized playlist that is relevant to their financial goals. Each learning sequence empowers learners to drill down to a set of micro-learning moments within a broader topic. This allows users to easily access information or find answers to specific questions.

With Achieve, the user embarks on a visually engaging journey. At various points, users are guided through interactive exercises that allow them to practice making financial decisions in a fail-safe environment. Achieve also provides reporting on learner activity that offers valuable insights into the priorities and interests of consumers back to financial institutions.

“We listened to our financial partners, leveraged powerful learning strategies, and analyzed market trends to build Achieve,” said Martinez. “Achieve delivers a next-generation financial wellness tool that understands the user’s financial objectives, maximizes learning outcomes, and delivers specific content when and where the user needs it. No other financial wellness tool is this robust and convenient.”

The Achieve content library currently covers a wide range of topic areas including Banking Basics, Building Financial Capability, Retirement Planning, Homeownership, and Saving and Investing in Your Future. Within each topic area, there are hyper-specific micro-learning moments. Achieve is part of EVERFI’s subscription service, which is constantly identifying, building, and releasing new financial topics. Possible future content areas include student loans, small business information, and investment education.


EVERFI, Inc. is the recognized leader in financial literacy education and powers financial wellness solutions for many of the country’s leading financial institutions including BBVA Compass, TCF Bank, TD Bank, and others. EVERFI uses innovative and scalable digital learning platforms to reach learners of all ages through its partnerships with more than 800 financial institutions. EVERFI is the pioneer in tackling society’s most important intractable issues through the power of education and as the convener of thought leadership consortiums including the Financial Capability Network, Prescription Drug Safety Network, Campus Prevention Network, and the Digital Wellness Network. EVERFI engages more than 3,400 partners in their education and social impact initiatives across all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico. Founded in 2008, EVERFI is fueled by its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription model and has reached more than 25 million learners. Some of America’s leading CEOs and venture capital firms are EVERFI investors including Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, Twitter founder Evan Williams, Advance Publications, Rethink Education, and Rethink Impact.  To learn more about EVERFI visit everfi.com or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter  @EVERFI.

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