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The Revealing Statistics on ADA Discrimination:

Some claim unemployment in the disabled community is higher now than when the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was enacted in 1990. Others feel the broader definition of disability makes comparison difficult. Whatever the numbers mean, they suggest that discrimination against people with disabilities still exists in the workplace.

The Department of Labor released employment statistics for persons with disabilities:

  • Labor force participation for persons with disabilities: 20%
  • Non-disabled: 68.9%
  • Unemployment rate for persons with disabilities: 12.9%
  • Non-disabled: 8.7%

The numbers may shock, but not surprise you. Fear is often an underlying cause of disability discrimination. Accommodations, unknown insurance costs, and the potential for sick time or pay could be barriers to hiring talented individuals that happen to have a disability. Yet, discrimination prevention studies show that accommodations are nothing to be afraid of. Discrimination Training is imperative for a workforce to fully understand the reality of ADA accommodations and qualifications.

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The Reality:

ADA Accommodations:

  • Most are easy, at zero to low cost.
  • Complex accommodations average $500.00.
  • Tax incentives may be available.


  • Retention rate – entry-level positions: 85%.
  • Performance is higher, absenteeism lower.
  • High problem-solving skills, patience, and job enthusiasm.

Rule of Thumb

Ask yourself this: If a current employee became disabled, but could still perform their job, would you make an accommodation for them? If so, could you make that accommodation for a new employee?

Ask JAN:

A great resource for employers is JAN, the Job Accommodation Network from the Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy. They offer free, confidential information on everything from reasonable accommodations to tax incentives, and even subsidized discrimination training.

Knowledge is Key

Another resource for employers is online discrimination training. Knock down the barriers of discrimination against the disabled community. Our training modules help reveal biases, change attitudes, and open the door for a vibrant, talented group to join your team.

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