Data Security Training for Employees

Online data privacy training that equips your employees with the skills to recognize data security threats.

This Information Data Securiity Course Covers

  • Data Security
  • Data Privacy
  • Phishing
  • Sensitive Information
  • Safe Passwords
  • Data Breaches
  • Responsibility to Report

Data Security Training Overview

The growing volume and sensitivity of data an organization relies on to conduct business calls for strict privacy policies. An organization may have the most advanced security systems installed, but a single error made by an employee has the potential to undermine even the most forward-thinking strategy.

This data privacy and data security training teaches employees what makes an organization vulnerable and the small steps they can take on a daily basis to make their workplace more secure. Through interactive data privacy courses, they will learn how to properly respond and report to data breaches within the organization.

Data Security Course Benefits

Our highly interactive data security course for employees will engage and educate your workforce on critical skills like:

  • creating strong passwords
  • avoiding phishing attempts, and
  • recognizing online and offline points of vulnerability

Data & IT Security Course Preview

Allow Learners to Practice Building Strong Passwords

Test employees' data privacy training skills in developing strong passwords through interactive knowledge checks.

Provide Examples of Unexpected Vulnerabilities

Explore ten relatable experiences that might be putting your organization at risk for security breaches and give your employees alternatives.

Track Policy Acknowledgements

To keep track of data security training progress, our platform empowers training teams to take advantage of flexible user assignments, monitor completion rates, and track policy acknowledgments.