New hire orientation. FCPA certifications. Sexual harassment seminars. Employee code of conduct manuals. Weekly security policy reminders. Business ethics agenda items at every meeting. Annual refresher courses.

Could your business possibly have too much compliance training?

In our opinion, no. But you could have the wrong kind of compliance training. The kind where your employees feel overwhelmed at the thought of spending another minute trapped in a classroom or in front of a screen learning what they shouldn’t be doing.

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When training is done right, your employees should feel empowered as they are given access to important information that they need to know to succeed in their day-to-day activities. After all, the very purpose of having a training program is to produce more effective, productive, and knowledgeable employees.

How Can Your Business Fight Compliance Fatigue?

Keep employees engaged

Your employees will be less “burned out” after a training session if it is truly engaging. Rather than simply having them attend a lecture or read through a dry technical document, offer an interactive experience that encourages direct participation. If the education can be made at least mildly entertaining, if not downright enjoyable, your staff are less likely to dread the next installment.

An engaging program will routinely offer:

  • Realistic scenarios based on issues or challenges that an employee is likely to face in their daily activities
  • Interactive content (e.g., games, quizzes) that entertain while tracking the individual’s absorption of key concepts
  • Documented, real-life examples that can clearly demonstrate to employees the risks and consequences of non-compliance
  • Practical applications that can be acted on immediately

Stay on target

While there is a wealth of information and resources available for almost every compliance subject, you need to approach your training efforts strategically and align courses with the specific needs of your employees and industry. Evaluate each job role within your organization and determine the unique training needs for these categories. While some subjects — such as sexual harassment and code of conduct — should be required for everyone, other topics — like FMLA and export laws — may not apply to all employees.

With a role-specific training program, you can reduce the training white noise that surrounds your employees and encourage them to better hear the desired message.

Make it convenient

A flexible training platform can also prove indispensable in the fight against compliance fatigue. Rather than forcing employees to cut time out of their busy day for a mandatory group session, opt for an eLearning program that allows your staff to control when they receive training. When your employees can better control their learning schedule, they are more likely to be engaged and interested when the training actually occurs.

You should also consider an education technology platform that is optimized for mobile devices. According to the 2015-2016 Industry Benchmark Report produced by Towards Maturity CIC, 67 percent of eLearning students are accessing their courses through cell phones and tablets, with that percentage skewing higher for younger learners.

Respect their time

In a 2014 survey of learning professionals, 94 percent of respondents indicated that e-learners preferred short-form modules — particularly courses lasting 10 minutes or less — and 65 percent felt that the typical eLearning module presented too much information at one time, which can overwhelm the learner.

Bearing this in mind, consider add a refresher element to your training program built around microlearning modules — short, 30-second to one-minute-long courses that focus on a single topic. While it’s true that this approach might increase the frequency of training, the shorter, more focused modules will contribute less to overall fatigue.

The Next Step

Compliance training doesn’t need to be a drudgery for you or your employees. By focusing your education efforts and choosing the right program for your business, you can encourage better retention, increased compliance, and more cooperative employees.

We would love to discuss with you how to build a more manageable and learner-friendly training program that meets your organization’s unique needs. If you would like to learn more about what we have to offer, check out a demo of our compliance coursestoday.

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