Today we’re featuring a blog post from Zaira, an elementary school student who recently earned her Vault – Understanding Money certification. She shares how Vault helped her learn how important saving money was and how she could use these newfound skills to help her put money aside for her future. Zaira was one of two winners from Canada to win a $1,000 RESP Contribution! 


Student: Zaira

School: McMurrich Junior Public School

Teacher: Kamla Rambaran

Province: Ontario

Country: Canada

Course Completed: Vault – Understanding Money

“The EVERFI course that I finished was Vault, and I didn’t just finish Vault I really enjoyed it. Throughout the course I learned a variety of different ways to track how I am spending my money, it also taught me how to make sure I have a balanced budget and so much more. Each topic is very important to learn at a young age so I can plan for my future.


Before I finished the Vault program, I didn’t even know how putting $5 in a savings account could earn you interest. And the best part about Vault is that you can learn so much about how to save money and what you should spend money on while watching videos and playing games. The three most important skills I learned while doing vault are how I should save money, the difference between a job and a career, and how many different ways there are to make money.


There are different ways to save money and there are different reasons why I should save money. Different ways to save money are opening a savings account, or putting money in a piggy bank and keeping track of what money you have put in on a piece of paper. Either way you are saving money and you are able to easily see how much money you have been able to put aside.


Through the Vault activity I also learned the difference between a job and a career. A job is a way to make money and a career is also a way to make money but you can grow and have better opportunities in the future. There are also many different ways to make money when you are a kid for example starting a lemonade stand, walking dogs, shoveling driveways in the winter, mowing lawns in the summer, washing dogs.


These things can help me in the future because if I start doing a job to make money I can save the money for college/university and I can put that money in a savings account so I don’t lose it and so I can also keep track of it. These are just small jobs but when I get older I can get a real job and work up to getting a career. I think that all school kids should have a chance to use the program Vault so they can have a better understanding of money, so while they are young they can learn to save and spend money in better ways early in life and be prepared for their future.”

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