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Free Financial Education & Literacy Curriculum for All Ages

Today, consumers face an overwhelming number of complex financial decisions. However, many young people are unprepared to make informed financial choices as they move into adulthood. In fact, various studies have indicated that students without access to free financial education resources are more likely to have financial problems in the future —  like low credit scores and significant debt. That’s why advocating for financial education resources in schools is more important than ever before.

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What is Financial Education?

Being financially educated is about more than being able to add dollars and cents. It’s about building better spending habits, instilling confidence, and being equipped with the skills to pursue big financial goals with minimal risk.

What is Financial Literacy? Financial literacy is primarily concerned with knowledge of financial concepts. For example, can you calculate an interest rate? Do you know that a debit card is linked to a bank account and a credit card is not?

What is Financial Wellness? Financial wellness is the ability and willingness to make financial decisions, given the available financial resources and services, that increase one’s financial security and financial choice, now and in the future. Financial well-being is what you get from your knowledge and actions.

The State of Financial Education in Schools Today

Currently, in the U.S., only 15 states require high schoolers to take a personal finance course before they can graduate. In addition, many states include personal finance education in their curriculum standards but don’t necessarily ensure that those standards are properly implemented.

Similarly, financial education is lacking in many Canadian schools. While more and more school districts are adding high-school financial education to their curriculum, more must be done to ensure students have access to free  financial literacy early on in their education.

How Communities Can Support More Financial Education

To ensure students have access to free financial education resources, more teachers with backgrounds in finance and more nationwide curriculum requirements are necessary. Additionally, schools and teachers need the proper resources and support to incorporate financial literacy courses into their classrooms.

Businesses and other organizations can also increase access to financial literacy resources by sponsoring financial education courses in their communities.

Explore Our Free Financial Literacy Resources

EVERFI partners with sponsors nationwide to offer interactive, online financial literacy resources to K-12 schools and educators free of charge.

Financial Literacy Courses for Elementary Students

Are you an elementary school teacher? Get access to a free online Financial Education course for your students.

Vault – Understanding Money is an interactive, online learning resource specifically designed to promote financial literacy for elementary students and teach financial education skills to young learners.

Vault - Understanding Money for Elementary Classrooms

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Financial Literacy for Middle School Students

Are you a middle school teacher or administrator? Get access to a free online Financial Education course for your students.

FutureSmart provides financial literacy for kids in grades 6-8 and empowers them to effectively manage their finances, make sound decisions, and become financially responsible.


Are you an elementary school teacher? Register today for free access to FutureSmart.

Learn More About Financial Literacy for Middle School Students

Financial Literacy for High School Students

Are you a high school teacher or administrator? Get access to free online Financial Education courses for your students.

EVERFI: Financial Literacy for High School is a digital education program that teaches students how to make wise financial decisions to promote financial well-being over their lifetime.

NFTE Venture – Entrepreneurial Expedition™ is a digital education program designed to encourage students to think like entrepreneurs, making the critical connection between personal financial literacy and small business ownership.

Marketplaces – Investing Basics is a cutting-edge digital learning experience designed to demystify the financial markets and equip students with the knowledge and confidence they need to participate in it.

How Banks and  Financial Institutions Can Offer Turn-Key Financial Literacy Programs

Are you a bank or financial institution? Your consumers and communities need help making financial decisions big and small, from saving for college or retirement to building emergency funds and purchasing a new home. But demands on their time and wallet share make it harder to engage them in meaningful ways. 

EVERFI’s active financial capability network of participating teachers, schools, and districts makes it easy to hit the ground running with your new financial education program. Explore our turn-key consumer financial education platform today. 

Why Choose EVERFI to Bring  Financial Education Programs Into Your Schools and Communities?

EVERFI empowers educators to bring real-world learning into the classroom and equip students with the skills they need for success—now and in the future. Thanks to partners who share this mission through sponsorship, EVERFI’s online financial education resources are available at no cost.