Kevin Mechenbier

Welcome to the beginning of another new school year! We know that a new year brings about some unique challenges with new schedules, new content, new technology—the list goes on! Good news, you’ve come to the right place—see below for 5 genius ways to use EVERFI as a fun, flexible, and educational part of your back-to-school plans:

  1. Setting Classroom Norms & Expectations: Have your students use one of EVERFI’s Character Education courses and discuss some of the key topics that your class can use as guiding values for the year. Empathy, Responsibility, and Leadership are just a few examples of topics to cover. Middle school students will especially relate to the activities in the Social Awareness lesson of Character Playbook: Building Healthy Relationships.  
  2. Learn About Goal Setting: What better time to define and practice goal setting than the beginning of the year? We have Financial Education resources at each grade level that dive into the components of effective short- and long-term goal setting. Use these modules and our offline worksheets to get your students to set personal goals for the year! The final module of FutureSmart: Financial Literacy called “Build Your Blueprint” asks students to consider short- and long-term goals.
  3. Collaborative Group Projects: Are we suggesting that you use a self-paced digital module for group work? We sure are! Many of our modules are a great starting point for group discussions and group assignments. Check out the offline resources for The Compassion Project and Honor Code: Bullying Prevention on your Explore Courses page for some of the best examples.
  4. Get to Know Each Other: Multiple EVERFI resources start with personality-type quizzes that get students thinking about their career ideas, financial habits, academic goals, and more. Have students take these quizzes and discuss results as they get to know each other! Endeavor: STEM Career Exploration starts with a fun “About Me” lesson!
  5. Introduction to New Content: For many topics, EVERFI can be the perfect starting point for a new unit. If you look through our Health & Wellness, History, and STEM modules, you’ll see lots of great introductions to core content for English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Remember that EVERFI modules are all graded, so you can get a feel for what students already know!

While the above are all fun and exciting, remember that they’re also standard-aligned, research-based, and backed recommended by some of the best education organizations out there (ISTE, Jump$tart, and Digital Promise, to name a few!). While these strategies will hopefully help get your wheels turning for the beginning of the year, we also know you’re planning for the rest of the year at the same time. Remember that the EVERFI team is always here to help you think through ideas, strategies, and instructions for getting started!

Embracing the New School Year with EVERFI

The dawn of a new school year is always met with a mix of excitement and apprehension. As classrooms come alive with fresh faces, brimming notebooks, and the eager buzz of students, educators are often in search of tools and resources that not only align with their curriculum but also resonate with their students. It’s this precise juncture where EVERFI can make a profound impact. By blending traditional teaching methodologies with contemporary digital solutions, EVERFI offers educators a seamless and enriching way to kickstart the academic year. Whether it’s building financial acumen, instilling core values through character education, or exploring diverse educational modules, EVERFI is set to be an educator’s steadfast ally in the journey ahead.

Preparing for a Dynamic School Year Ahead

The modern classroom is a dynamic, ever-evolving space. With the rapidly changing educational landscape, educators need resources that are both engaging for students and academically robust. EVERFI’s diverse range of modules, from financial education to character building, provides just that. As you stand on the threshold of a new school year, remember that integrating these resources can set the tone for a year of enriched learning, deeper understanding, and holistic growth. With EVERFI by your side, you’re not just preparing for another school year; you’re gearing up for a transformative educational experience.


Kevin Mechenbier is a functional subject matter expert for EVERFI, based in Colorado. At EVERFI, he supports educators across the US and Canada as they implement EVERFI’s no-cost resources related to Financial Education and Career Readiness. With a background in education nonprofits, Kevin is a passionate supporter of real-world learning as a way to bridge gaps as students enter their career.