EVERFI Content Team

Do you want to learn how to create impactful partnerships and drive positive outcomes in K12 education? This insightful webinar showcases best practices for how our customer marketing and K12 team come together to share their successful strategies and collaborative efforts. Learn how we leverage our expertise to create meaningful partnerships and drive impactful outcomes in education:

  • EVERFI’s Role in K12 Sponsorships: Highlight EVERFI’s commitment to supporting K12 education through sponsorships.
  • K12 Access and Network: Explore how this partnership is driving financial literacy initiatives in K-12 schools.
  • Event Showcase: Highlight successful events and initiatives that have effectively engaged K12 audiences.
  • Impact and Success Stories: Hear real life examples of how EVERFI’s programs have positively impacted students, educators and communities.

Download the webinar on demand to gain valuable insights on how your team can help you build your brand by engaging students to create a meaningful impact in the communities you serve.