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From the Top Down to the Bottom Up: Making Campus Safety an Institution-Wide Priority


The ability to keep our students safe relies on system-wide commitment, infrastructure, appropriate staffing, and adequate funding. However, these foundational elements are often nonexistent or insufficient for supporting policies and programs that will effectively address the challenges that threaten our students' safety and wellbeing. This webinar provides insights and strategies around elevating the prioritization and impact of prevention, focusing predominantly on high-risk drinking and sexual assault. Our presenter will share campus examples and data-driven approaches for garnering the buy-in and resources needed to keep our students safe and successful at college and beyond.

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The Four Questions You Must Ask to Transform Your Prevention Strategy from Good to Great


Many well-intended campus prevention initiatives lack the rigorous intentionality necessary for making a transformative impact on sexual assault. Much is known about effective strategic planning, yet less than
half of campuses are effectively engaging in this critical prevention process. Join this session to learn the four simple questions that can increase institutional investment in prevention, maximize current resources, and ultimately make sexual assault prevention efforts more impactful.