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At EVERFI, we take an evidence-based approach to tackle those important issues presenting challenges to your community. These range from mental wellness to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Learn more from our team of experts to help you create a more positive community.

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Centralize Your CSR Solution, Maximize Your Impact

Discover the transformative power of integrated CSR solutions in this video designed exclusively for visionary CSR leaders like you.

Quick Start Guide for Corporate Social Impact

Corporate social impact goes beyond philanthropy. If you’re just getting started, here are some tips to help guide you.

The Power of Employee Engagement in Driving Social Impact

Learn how organizations use employee engagement programs to contribute to social impact.

EVERFI Impact Summit Session on Impact Storytelling

Impact Storytelling: Building Trust and Loyalty Through Purpose-Driven Initiatives

Learn how Corporate Social Responsibility leaders are leveraging impact storytelling to make a difference.

Merrill Friedman of Elevance Health discusses mental wellness with EVERFI's Lauren Bernstein

Addressing the Youth Mental Health Crisis Through Schools-Based Prevention

Explore how purpose-driven organizations are working to level the playing field by expanding access to critical mental wellness education.

Two women discuss on stage during the summit

Navigating the Intersection of Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Goals

Research has shown that purpose-driven companies achieve stronger business results and have a greater impact by doing better for their customers, employees, and shareholders.

How to Develop an Effective CSR Strategy for 2023

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Creative CSR Campaigns in 2023

Companies that invest in creating CSR campaigns now have more opportunities to…

What is Social Impact in Business and Why it's a Must-Have

What is Social Impact in Business and Why it’s a Must-Have in 2023

If your company hasn’t integrated social impact into its business plan, listen…

Case Study | HCA Healthcare

Providing Valuable Mental Wellness Education for Students How HCA Healthcare Utilized EVERFI’s…

person holding a spreadsheet

3 Important Corporate Social Responsibility Stats

Corporate social responsibility has taken center stage as employees and consumers are…

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CSR greatly affects customers in this important way

Since the rise of corporate social responsibility (CSR), the customer landscape has…

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3 Interesting Ways CSR Affects Gen Z

Generation Z makes up a significant part of the workforce, and Corporate…

How important is CSR in your marketing strategy?

Have you noticed more brands are considering their corporate social responsibility (csr)…