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At EVERFI, we take an evidence-based approach to tackle those important issues presenting challenges to your community. These range from mental wellness to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Learn more from our team of experts to help you create a more positive community.

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What is Social Impact in Business and Why it's a Must-Have

What is Social Impact in Business and Why it’s a Must-Have in 2023

If your company hasn’t integrated social impact into its business plan, listen…

two boys making fun of a teen girl

6 ways to help teenagers with mental health issues

There are common mental health problems that teens all around the world…

Case Study | HCA Healthcare

Providing Valuable Mental Wellness Education for Students How HCA Healthcare Utilized EVERFI’s…

featured image - cultivate an engaged workforce this year

How To Create an Engaged Workforce this Year

Learn three ways your organization can create and cultivate an engaged workforce this year using CSR.

3 Simple Ways Teens Can Practice Mindfulness This Year

Mindfulness exercises are a beneficial way for teenagers around the world to…

This One Thing is Drastically Affecting Adolescent Health

Doomscrolling plays a huge role in a teenager’s long-term health — and…

Child looking off to the distance mental health

The State of Mental Health: K-12

2020 cast a bright and illuminating spotlight on health and wellness, and amplified an already critical need for awareness and resources dedicated to mental health.

Put Your Lifemask On First: Strategies for Parents in 2021

As a parent, if you had asked me at the beginning of…

The Forecast for 2023: 6 Key Mental Health Trends

2020 illuminated the importance of mental health and will have a lasting impact on mental health trends in 2023 and beyond.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Why It Matters & How To Do It

You organization can do good AND do well. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a driver of employee and consumer engagement and loyalty. Learn how you can do CSR right.

How Companies Play a Role in Promoting Civic Responsibility and Voting: Q&A with Sofia Gross & Ashley Spillane

Families across America are struggling, and organizations are changing the way they are connecting with employees.

Mental Toll of Pandemic May Outpace Physical and Economic Pains for K12 Students

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we acted to secure our…

The Hope Amidst The Hardship: Reflections On World Mental Health Day

As we close out Mental Illness Awareness Week (October 4-10) and approach…