EVERFI Content Team

EVERFI proudly unveils our groundbreaking partnership with HCA, helping to transform communities nationwide by filling the critical gap in health education. This video focuses on the Understanding Mental Wellness course, we delve into the significance of mental health education and its impact on individuals and communities.  

Our esteemed speakers, Dr. Jaumeiko Coleman, Marcus Smith, and Andrea Preisler, bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Together, we’ll explore the course’s core principles, offering invaluable insights into navigating mental health challenges and fostering a culture of support and understanding. In this session you will learn:  

  1. Partnership Impact: Gain an understanding of how the collaboration between EVERFI and HCA is revolutionizing mental health education.   
  2. Mental Health Awareness: Reflect on the significance of Mental Health Awareness Month and the role of education in promoting mental wellness.  
  3. Personal Perspectives: Hear from our speakers as they share their insights on what mental health means to them and why it’s crucial in today’s world.  
  4. Course Insights: Discover the essential elements of the Understanding Mental Wellness course and its relevance in today’s society.  

Download the webinar to empower yourself with the knowledge to support mental wellness for all.