EVERFI Content Team

How to create positive impact for your employees and communities in 2024.
View our webinar, on-demand, to hear from Elizabeth Bille, SVP of Workplace Culture at EVERFI, and Andrew J. Troup, Director of Giving & Engagement at Blackbaud, as they discuss some of the key trends for 2024 across workplace culture and CSR & philanthropy, as well as suggested actions you can take to address each of them.

In this session, we investigate some of these key trends including how companies are looking to navigate the massive proliferation in Artificial Intelligence (AI), along with its myriad of opportunities, considerations, risks, regulations, and more. In addition, we look at how organizations are addressing employee disengagement and wellbeing, how companies are looking to recalibrate their DEI efforts, and the ongoing reassessment of remote work policies as well as the potential implications for employee engagement and retention.

From AI and DEI to remote work, employee engagement, and wellbeing, 2024 is all about putting our humanity back at the center of what we do. In turn, we explore why the alignment of our values, and a sense of purpose, is so important in 2024, and how leaders can effectively support employees through all the formidable changes ahead.