Following the impacts of the pandemic the U.S. Surgeon General released a report that highlights the critical connection between corporate work environments and employee mental health. The report included a call to action for companies to amplify their work in protecting employees from harm, fostering community and connection all while supporting meaningful work. This guide provides an overview of the research from the surgeon general, the World Health Organization, SHRM and other sources on the business impacts of toxic vs. healthy work environments, then dives into tactical strategies for companies to implement the essentials for improving workplace mental health & well-being.

The content was curated and produced by the EVERFI from Blackbaud Workplace Culture Network and the YourCause from Blackbaud team to provide a comprehensive guide for implementing initiatives that meet the surgeon general’s call to action.


  • Introduction
  • Tackling Issues of Workplace Mental Health and Well-being
  • The Business Impacts of Toxic vs. Healthy Work Environments
  • Protecting Employees from Harm
  • Building Connection, Community and Belonging
  • Resources

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